She’s Not Attending Her Friend’s Man-Free Wedding Since She’s Uncomfortable With It

Vasil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

People find certain wedding rules “extra,” like not being allowed to wear a certain color or something.

But can you imagine a certain group of people being banned from a wedding? One woman is refusing to go to her friend’s wedding because she and her fiancée banned men from it.

She’s 30, and her friend Lisa and her fiancée Sophie are in their early 30s. She’s known Lisa and Sophie for several years and was invited to their upcoming wedding, which is two months away.

However, there is a very specific rule on the wedding invitation that threw her off.

“On the invitation, it was noted that it’s a ‘man-free’ event, meaning that no men are allowed to be there,” she said.

“Despite not being a man myself, I felt it was a weird decision on their part. I’m also on good terms with Lisa’s brother, so I texted him to ask if he knows what’s up with that whole thing.”

Lisa’s brother said he was just as taken aback by the “no men rule” on the invitation and that he had been told by Lisa that no male members of her and Sophie’s families were allowed at their wedding. This includes Lisa’s father.

“I think I wouldn’t have gone anyway because not allowing the presence of any men at all just feels weird to me,” she explained.

“In light of the information I got from Lisa’s brother I called her to say that I will be unfortunately unable to attend.”

Vasil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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