Spotting A Blue Jay May Be The Universe’s Way Of Saying You Need To Have More Confidence In Yourself

Additionally, if a new partner has come into your life and you see a Blue Jay, it could be a sign that they’ll be a good and loyal partner.

Finally, spiritual experts have noted that Blue Jays’ blue color connects to our throat chakras and, therefore, can be seen as a symbol of communication.

Seeing a Blue Jay can mean that you need to speak up in some areas of your life, defending yourself or communicating anything that bothers you or something you’ve been silent on for a while.

Honestly, many people will likely read this and see it all as nonsense. Many people will be quick to point out that Blue Jays are native to your area, which is the reason why you see one or two.

However, there is nothing wrong with seeing them as a sign and using your encounter with them to motivate you. That’s enjoying the beauty of life and nature.

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