The 2,000 Pound Carcass Of A Rare Hoodwinker Sunfish Recently Washed Ashore Oregon’s Northern Coast

There are also other subtle differences between the two species, although you have to know what you’re looking for in order to spot them.

The ocean sunfish was discovered in 1758. Nearly three centuries later, the hoodwinker was officially identified.

At first glance, the two fish look almost identical. But, their key differences lie in their skin and tails. As hoodwinkers age, their skin stays totally smooth, while the ocean sunfish’s skin tends to wrinkle.

In addition, the hoodwinker’s tail flap is separated into two parts that can move independently from each other. The flap of the ocean sunfish is just one wavy piece with bony formations.

The hoodwinker is the fifth species of sunfish that scientists know of. Who knows? Maybe others are still out there, just waiting to be identified!

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