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    Tesla Gets A Guinness World Record, But I’m Still Not Ever Buying One

    Tesla just got a Guinness World Record, because their Model X SUV can apparently tow an airplane. They set the record for “heaviest tow by an electric production passenger vehicle.” The Tesla Model X towed a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner about 1,000 feet along a taxiway at Melbourne’s Airport in Australia.   This isn’t the first time Qantas […]

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    What Porsche You Ladies Should Buy, No Matter Your Budget

    I honestly never liked Porsche until about two years ago. I never understood what the hype was all about, until I got to drive one for myself. Let me tell you, as soon as you get behind the wheel, you’re going to fall in love. Porsche isn’t just a name brand, it’s synonymous with an […]

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    Your Days Of Fighting Over The Car Charger Are Over

    Your days of fighting over the car charger are over, because the x5 is here! How can this possibly prevent fighting in the car? It comes with five charging ports. Yes, five!! Developed by RapidX, the X5 USB Car Charger can charge up to five devices at once, and no, it’s not limited to just […]

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    Here Are 16 of the Coolest Classic Cars on eBay Right Now

    eBay has been trying to shed its image as a discount auction marketplace and build one up as a shopping giant where you can find literally anything, for any price! We’re seeing them do it with eBay Fashion, but eBay Motors has done just as much to shake things up for the company. eBay has […]

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    9 Car Safety Technologies That You Should Know About

    The good thing about cars is you can usually hang onto them for years and years before they finally give out on you. But, if it’s been years and years since you’ve gone car shopping, you might have a surprise or 10 waiting for you — tech has changed cars a lot! While we wait on […]

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    The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Is Gorgeous & Gunning For Tesla

    The new Porsche Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Is Gorgeous, Electric, & Something To Rival Tesla It’s no secret we love Porsche here at Chip Chick, and we’re excited to hear they just announced their new electric car. Porsche is gunning for Tesla, having announced that they are planning on spending $7.4 billion dollars by […]

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    With Gas Running Out of Gas, Ferrari Finally Turns to the Electric Car

    Better check the window for flying pigs, because it’s true — luxury performance automaker Ferrari just copped to planning an all-electric car for release in the near future. In fact, Ferrari was full of surprises at this week’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit! Bloomberg reports that not only did Ferrari reps confirm the development of […]