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    Catch the Fever With this Disco Ball Party Speaker

    We’ve seen a fair amount of party speakers — the JBL Pulse series stands out — but few have combined a fantastic light show with booming bass quite like iHome’s latest. Their iBT175 is a Bluetooth speaker promising 360-degree sound, but the real party starter is the disco ball dome ready to kick in when the […]

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    V-MODA’s First Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Doubles as a Headphone Amp

    Most big audio companies started making Bluetooth wireless speakers a long time ago, but V-MODA isn’t most big audio companies. The stylish hi-fi brand is finally getting around to releasing one, and appropriately enough, it’s not just another Bluetooth speaker. The Remix can create big sound in more ways than one, acting as both a […]

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    Kushion is a Soft Bluetooth Speaker You Can Rest Your Head On

    Today, we’ve got the world’s foremost setup for a lame soft rock dad joke. Kushion is showing us the softer side of sound with a new Bluetooth speaker built into a foam cushion comfy enough to rest your head on. I don’t know if you’d want to do that while music is playing because it’s […]

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    Vava Voom 20 Bluetooth Speaker Review

    There’s a lot of competition in the Bluetooth speaker market, but here in the middle of the summer months, there’s no shortage of people who need one — no pool party is complete without music, preferably music that doesn’t cut out post-cannonball. The Vava Voom 20 is another cylindrical portable Bluetooth speaker (measuring 7.58″ x 2.81″ x 2.38″), although this one […]

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    Vifa’s Oslo Bluetooth Speaker is Killer Sound Wrapped in Wool (Review)

    Have you ever seen a Bluetooth speaker wearing a wool sweater? Vifa’s Oslo Bluetooth speaker keeps those sick beats hot with a killer sound system and an equally impressive wool exterior that is reminiscent of its Danish origins — not Norwegian, despite appearances (all of Vifa’s speakers are named after Scandinavian capitals). Unboxing the Oslo Bluetooth Speaker […]

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    Kef Muo Wireless Speaker Review

    The portable Bluetooth speaker market is crowded, with a long list of entries at virtually any price point. Big ones, small ones, splash-proof ones, bass-heavy ones, rugged ones and pretty ones. If you’re looking for a particular characteristic or feature, chances are you can find a speaker that has it. If you’re looking for a […]

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    Bose Has Created a DIY Speaker Cube to Help Kids Learn About Sound

    Here’s something unexpected — Bose has gotten on board with the maker movement to make an intuitive, educational product for kids in the form of a DIY speaker. The BoseBuild Speaker Cube comes disassembled, encouraging kids (and adults) to put together their own speaker, learning about just what makes a speaker a speaker in the process. […]

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    Fluance’s Fi70 Looks More Like Art Than a Speaker System

    We don’t necessarily associate Bluetooth speakers with high-quality sound, although we’ve certainly come across our share of winners over the years. The new Fluance Fi70 blows by even the few outstanding Bluetooth speakers we’ve tried out, though — especially where bass response is concerned. Don’t get us wrong — the Fi70 strives for balance. But, […]

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    5 Harman Products Announced at IFA That Will Rock You

    Plenty of companies use IFA to announce a new line up of products, and this year, Harman managed to announce a whopping total of 58 new products at the show. This should come as no surprise since the company is exploding, and is now a Fortune 500 company. In any case, here are our 5 […]