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    Gaze Longingly at the 20 Most Expensive Cars on eBay Right Now

    When you think of shopping for a Ferrari, the imagination probably takes you to a glass-walled dealership with impossibly polished white floors. It probably does not take you to eBay, but maybe it should! eBay has turned into a pretty popular place for people to buy and sell cars, with some sellers having enough experience […]

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    The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Is Gorgeous & Gunning For Tesla

    The new Porsche Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Is Gorgeous, Electric, & Something To Rival Tesla It’s no secret we love Porsche here at Chip Chick, and we’re excited to hear they just announced their new electric car. Porsche is gunning for Tesla, having announced that they are planning on spending $7.4 billion dollars by […]

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    With Gas Running Out of Gas, Ferrari Finally Turns to the Electric Car

    Better check the window for flying pigs, because it’s true — luxury performance automaker Ferrari just copped to planning an all-electric car for release in the near future. In fact, Ferrari was full of surprises at this week’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit! Bloomberg reports that not only did Ferrari reps confirm the development of […]

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    Watch Out Tesla – Nissan Just Gave Us Their Vision of the Future of Cars, and It Looks Pretty Chill

    Tesla brought all-electric cars to the fore, but today, they’ve got some serious challengers! Chevrolet has been improving their all-electric Bolt hatchback steadily, but it’s Nissan that looks poised to bring all-electrics to the mainstream. Their 2018 Leaf made huge leaps forward in range and design while remaining the cheapest all-electric option among the three […]

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    GM Announces That it Will (Eventually) Only Make All-Electric Vehicles

    If you’re looking for even more proof that all-electric vehicles are the way of the future, here it is — one of the world’s biggest automakers has gone all-in on them. Yesterday, GM announced that they plan to move towards producing only all-electric vehicles while gradually phasing out diesel and gas power. It’s just going to […]

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    Toyota and Mazda Are Joining Forces to Develop Electric Vehicles

    You can tell we’re on the verge of a sea change in the automotive industry from the flurry of deals and partnerships — no one seems to be content to just keep doing what they’ve been doing. With Nissan, Tesla, and Chevrolet finally breaking through into the mainstream with their electric vehicles, few companies are going […]

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    Ford Wants to Put Their Autonomous Cars of the Future on Lyft’s Network

    The landscape of the autonomous driving industry has been taking shape this year, and it’s one that increasingly features Lyft more than its recently maligned rival, Uber. Coming into this week, Lyft had already formed partnerships with GM, Waymo (the Google spinoff), and Jaguar Land Rover to help bring those companies’ autonomous cars to the […]

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    Tesla Assigned Partial Responsibility for Last Year’s Fatal Autopilot Crash

    While most of the automotive industry has approached autonomous driving slowly and cautiously, Tesla has sped forward — last year, to fatal results. In May 2016, Joshua Brown was killed when his Tesla Model S collided with a semi truck while Autopilot, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving technology, was activated. Brown was assigned most of the blame for […]

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    The United States House of Representatives Just Brought Us a Little Closer to Autonomous Cars

    Ask a bunch of people materially invested in autonomous cars what the biggest obstacle to rollout is, and they’ll almost certainly tell you the same thing — regulations. The hardware that enables self-driving cars already exists, the software is coming along, and fast, low-latency 5G networks are in the pipeline. Partnerships between tech companies, auto manufacturers, and […]

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    The 2018 Nissan Leaf Gets an Attractive Redesign and Much Improved Electric Range

    When it comes to all-electric vehicles, Tesla dominates the headlines, with Chevrolet gradually gaining on them with their Bolt hatchback. But, there’s long been a third player that’s been hanging around, and they’re looking to start making bigger headlines of their own. The Nissan Leaf has been a bit overlooked, perhaps owing to its squished […]

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    Domino’s is Testing Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Cars with Ford

    Domino’s has been at the forefront of pizza delivery technology for as long as I can remember pizza delivery technology being a thing (so, the pizza tracker). They’ve tested delivery robots, they’ve tested pizza delivery drones, and now they’re going to be testing autonomous car deliveries — kind of. We’re still many years out from ever […]

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    The Volvo XC60 CUV is Smart in More Ways Than One

    Since 2010, Volvo has been overhauling their lineup of vehicles, flush with cash after being acquired by Chinese firm Zhejiang Geely. With renewed focus on safety and luxury, they’ve done great work with the redesigned XC90 SUV and the completely new S90 sedan. This year sees the culmination of a ground-up redesign of the XC60 CUV, a more compact […]

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    Intel Adds Fiat Chrysler to Its Autonomous Driving Superteam

    Intel just hit the gas pedal on their autonomous driving efforts. After partnering with BMW, Audi, Delphi, and Mobileye (which they later acquired), Intel has now established a partnership with Fiat Chrysler for the purpose of further testing their autonomous drive systems and hardware. Coupled with the opening of a new autonomous driving lab earlier […]

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    Volvo Plans to Abandon All Gas-Only Cars by 2019

    The march toward mainstream electric cars has started to pick up, especially with more affordable all-electric options from Tesla, Chevrolet, and Nissan all on the market. The momentum is only going to pick up from here, with a lot of energy coming from European carmakers. The EU has ambitious climate goals for 2020, and that’s […]

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    The Next Nissan Leaf Will Have a Semi-Autonomous Drive System

    Tesla and Chevy usually grab all the all-electric vehicle headlines, but neither are on top of the heap — since it was first sold in 2011, the Nissan Leaf has amassed the most highway-ready all-electric sales. The Leaf’s numbers — power and range — don’t match up with its competitors, but its low price has made it […]