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    HP’s Sprout Pro Brings 3D Scanning To The Classroom

    The original HP Sprout was a very different kind of all-in-one PC, thanks to an Intel RealSense camera and a built-in illuminator that could take 2D — and later 3D — scans of physical objects. That first model was aimed at enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs looking to quickly make models and tinker with prototypes, which […]

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    24 Incredible 3D-Printed Objects

    We are aware of the artificiality — it’s hard to justify narrowing the world of 3D printing down to 22 products when the limit to 3D printing approaches the limits of the imagination. There’s a whole universe (Thingiverse, whatever) of things you can print yourself as long as you’ve already done the hardest part of […]

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    Shapify Uses Kinect to Create a 3D Selfie

    Look, nothing’s done more for self-love in the 21st century than the selfie. We know this. But the selfie is just so flat. We have 3DTVs. We have 3D printers. In the realm of looking at ourselves, frankly, we can do better. Presenting Shapify.me, a new service you can use order a 1/20 scale miniature […]

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    Deka’s Bluetooth Headset Rocks Custom 3D Designs

    Why hasn’t there been a big push for custom Bluetooth headsets? Who knows? Deka is taking steps to rectify that mistake, by offering up some slick, low-profile Bluetooth headsets that can be made to order. The Deka Bluetooth headset looks like a small disk that covers the inner part of your ear. It doesn’t jut […]

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    eMatic eGlide Prism is a Dirt Cheap 3D Android 4.0 Tablet

    Hot on the wheels of Coby’s cheap Android 4.0 tablet releases, Ematic has announced the release of the eGlide Prism. The Prism is a 7″ Android 4.0 powered tablet. But forget the fact that it’s running Ice Cream Sandwich, we’re mostly excited about its super cheap pricing. That is because the Ematic eGlide Prism is […]

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    Epson Moverio BT-100 is an Android-based See-Through Wearable Display

    Wearable Display glasses have been around for a while now, but Epson’s new Moverio BT-100 are the world’s first Android-based See-Through wearable display glasses. Because, yep, it seems like they are putting Android in EVERYTHING nowadays. These futuristic glasses in particular, are able to immerse users in what feels like an 80 inch “floating” screen. […]

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    Lenovo’s IdeaCentre B540 All-in-One Thinks it’s a TV

    Lenovo has become a real strong player in the all-in-one PC market, as the company makes some of the sexiest AIO’s you can find. Their latest, the IdeaCentre B540, follows in those footsteps by sporting a 23″ full HD frameless display featuring both state-of-the-art multitouch and 3D technologies. The system is a OneKey TV that […]

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    Oakley Releases Limited Edition TINTIN 3D Gascan Glasses

    Given that we have a little white Westie on staff as our junior reporter, it’s little wonder we’re excited for the Adventures of Tintin and Snowy – in 3D! Apparently, Oakley is pretty excited, too. They’re selling special edition 3D Gascan Glasses to commemorate the movie, which hits theaters on December 21st.

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    HP TouchSmart 620 3D Edition PC Brings 3D to the All-in-one

    HP is showing its commitment to the PC market, and doing so in a bold way that manages to separate them from the pack. The HP TouchSmart line is a series of all-in-one desktop computers, meaning that the monitor and hard drive are all housed in the same place. The TouchSmart 620 3D Edition offers […]

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    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012 Shows Off Its Techie Couture

    New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is finally over and in between the silk, leather and studs being shown off, there were also headphones, iPad cases, and limited edition Swarovski encrusted laptops that made it to the catwalk. There was even a Project Runway reunion that took place during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Check out […]

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    Marchesa and HP Recreate the Runway in Live 3-D for Fashion Week

    Yesterday at the Marchesa runway show at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes then what you would usually expect. That is because HP was on-hand filming the runway show in HP Live 3-D. HP’s HP Live 3-D, also known as “plurabis” technology is actually a technology that […]

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    HP TopShot M275 Web-Connected Printer Scans 3D Objects

    HP is really leading the pack when it comes to the latest in consumer printer technologies. First they rolled out web connected printers with cloud printing, and now they have introduced the HP TopShot Laserjet Pro M275 which is the first web-connected Color Laser MFP with the ability to Scan objects in 3D. The printer […]

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    Getty Images Will Shoot the London 2012 Olympic Games in 3D

    It’s not 2012 yet but the preparations for the London 2012 Olympic games are certainly well underway and Getty Images, the official photographic agency to the International Olympic Committee, has announced that it will shoot the games in 3D. This will be the first time in the history of the games that this technology is […]

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    Vuzix Wrap 1200 Brings Style to the World of 3D

    One complaint always surfaces when the topic of 3D glasses comes up – how hard it is to wear them and not look ridiculous. Vuzix’ entry at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin goes a long way towards finally beating that complaint back, and making 3D glasses stylish and – dare I say it? […]

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    Kim Kardashian is Cover Girl for the World’s First 3D Magazine

    Kim Kardashian has been given the honor of gracing the cover of the new World’s Most Beautiful Magazine’s first issue. Magazines with special edition 3D covers have come and gone quite frequently over the years. But the World’s Most Beautiful Magazine is the first “commercial” magazine to be produced completely in 3D. That means that […]

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    Toshiba Qosmio F755 is World’s First Glasses-Free 3D Laptop

    Toshiba has just announced the world’s first Glasses-free 3D laptop, the Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D. Until now there have been an assortment of 3D laptops that have slowly trickled to market, but all of them have been the kind that requires glasses to view 3D content. Well that is all about to change with the […]