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    NASA 3D Prints Ratchet Wrench in Space

    It’s a relatively young technology, but it’s already making the jump to the final frontier—3D printing has arrived on the International Space Station, and it could be a hugely important part of any future manned missions to Mars and beyond. The most significant development in 3D printing in space happened not too long ago—a ratchet […]

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    Love.by.me Takes 3D Printed Jewelry to The Next Level

    Nothing has shaken up the world of custom orders quite like 3D printing, which has thrown open the doors for affordable, personalized knickknacks of all kinds. And, nothing begs for customization like matching jewelry for couples. Sorry to any single people who may be gagging right now. Love.by.me takes the idea of personalized jewelry to […]

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    My Very Own Mini-Me from Shapify

    It was a rainy day in NY so I wore my “schmatta” dress  and ran downtown to take a quick stroll through the 3D Print show. By the end of my visit I’d been body-scanned, and sent off my like-ness to become reality at the 3D printing factory. A few days and $79 (ouch) later, […]

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    Can’t Make it to Paris? Doodle a 3D Eiffel Tower Instead

    The 3Doodler is the first 3D printing pen which lets you design complex creations or just doodles. The $99 pen works by taking a single colored piece of plastic and feeding it through the pen at the top. Then you touch a piece of paper or circle the air, and the now-melted plastic comes out […]

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    Z Corp Brings your Rock Band Characters to Life with 3D Printers

    I’m not one to get excited about printers unless they are super sleek and actually do something different than the scads of other printers out there. Well Z Corp is making printers that don’t do the same old thing as its counterparts but instead they actually print 3D models of images that are scanned into […]