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    AKG N90Q Headphones Review – Totally Worth the $1500 Price Tag

    Born from a partnership between iconic musician Quincy Jones and Harman Kardon, the AKG N90Q headphones are not your ordinary pair of headphones. Heck, $1,500 for a pair of headphones is not exactly a common thing. So how does Harman justify the price point for these headphones? They aren’t just about being luxurious, and they […]

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    AKG K545 Over-Ear Headphone Review

    AKG’s new K545 overear headphones are large and in charge. They sport mammoth 2 inch drivers and serious audio quality. It’s rare to find a big pair of headphones that sounds this good and provides all-day comfort. The K545’s have a new-age, industrial, urban design. There’s a chic combo of clean plastic and durable aluminum. […]