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    This Alarm Clock Will Make Your Coffee For You

    Someday, I hope to be as rich as Tommy Lee and have my own Starbucks in my house, but until then I still have to actually get up and go to the coffee shop like a gosh darn Jane Austen character to get my morning brew. Here’s a fitting compromise — a hybrid alarm clock/coffee maker […]

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    Retro Clock Radio Has the Worst Snooze Button Ever

    We have a soft spot for throwbacks, so when we saw this retro alarm clock radio (even has two bell-looking things on top!), we had to take a closer look. It’s a wonderful little alarm clock, even if it may never be able to get you out of bed, thanks to a really cool and […]

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    GOgroove BlueSYNC Makes Alarm Clocks Cool Again

    GOgroove packed just about every modern connectivity option into the TYM, their new alarm clock. Take all that and put it in a classic, wooden casing with a retro display, and you’ve got a decent crack at making an alarm clock interesting. The look of the alarm clock is very slick with it’s illuminated digital […]

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    Sonos PLAY:3 Review

    When it comes to making Wireless HiFi Systems, Sonos has been leading the pack for years. Their latest system, the Sono PLAY:3 offers the same great Sonos package users have come to expect, in a more compact and affordable form-factor than its bigger brother, the PLAY:5. Available in dark gray, or white, the PLAY:3 system […]

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    iHome iDM71 iPad 2 Case Packs in Built-in Stereo Speakers

    Once and a while an accessory case comes along that makes us wonder what took so long for it to show up! Such is the case with the iDM71  iPad/iPad 2 Case with Built-in Rechargeable Stereo Speakers from iHome. This case has a stereo speaker system built into it, or specifically flat NXT stereo speakers. […]

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    i-Luv iMM190 App Station Review

    Gone are the days of boring old boxy looking alarm clocks that sit on our night stands waiting to annoy us in the morning. First iPod alarm clocks became popular, now iPod alarm clocks with apps are the new hot alarm clock to have. Yep, apps have become the new LCD for alarm clocks. The […]

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    iHome Unleashes First App Enhanced iPad Dock iA100ZE

    Feast your eyes on this!  The hits just keep on coming with iHome, between yesterday’s iB9678 Charging Station and today. This could very well be the first full-fledged iPad dock. The iHome iA100ZE is an App Enhanced Alarm Clock that sports Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio for the iPad/iPhone/iPod. SWEET!

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    Philips Wake-Up Light Aims to Make Everyone Less Grouchy

    Today myself along fellow journalists and bloggers got a chance to get up close and personal the Philips Wake-Up Light.  Most people may already be familiar with the Philips Wake-Up Light. It made its debut in Europe first and then launched stateside only a month ago with a new sleeker and more modern design. For […]

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    Sam Hecht’s Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock, Manuals Not Included

    For those who just want a simple alarm clock, then you may like Sam Hecht’s newest innovative design for Idea International in Japan. Sam Hecht; famous for his LaCie Little Disk hard drive has now designed something even better, the Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock. The clock was created because of Hecht’s frustration of setting an […]

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    Hands on with Samsung’s P2 Portable Media Payer

    This afternoon Samsung held a press conference in honor of the new Samsung P2 portable media player. Available in several colors including white, black and maroon, the new P2 sports a touch sensitive interface which is definately on the way to becoming a new standard. At the conference, Samsung acknowledged the fact that they might […]