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    MixStik Uses LED Lights and an App to Make the Perfect Cocktail

    Usually we shy away from Kickstarter projects around here, but when we come across such an elegant combination of simplicity and booze, we can hardly look the other way. MixStik managed to shake up IFA, giving us a new and easy way to make pretty good cocktails. Not perfect cocktails, mind you — pouring booze […]

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    BACtrack Vio is a Keychain-Sized Bluetooth Breathalyzer and it Works!

    The people’s breathalyzer is back and smaller than ever. BACtrack is releasing the new BACtrack Vio, a keychain-sized version of their original smartphone-friendly, Bluetooth-enabled breathalyzer. The Vio is smaller and cheaper, but does the job every bit as well. There’s a flip-up mouthpiece that you will blow vodka-infused air into, which in turn is analyzed […]

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    Shot Glass USB is The Perfect Drinking Game for Geeks

    This shot glass brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘power hour.’ It’s powered by a 1 GB USB drive that fits into the bottom of the shot glass, which contains the Power Hour Album, 60 one minute drinking songs from drinking game pioneer Ali Spagnola. This being a power hour deal, you drink […]

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    Lindsay Lohan’s Ankle Bracelet Uses Breathalyzer Technology

    Poor Lindsay Lohan, she just never seems to get a break. A new court order has instructed her to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet after she upset a Beverly Hills judge by not showing up for a hearing last week. It turns out that she opted to attend the Cannes Film Festival in France Instead of […]

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    Starfleet Hip Flask Because Nerds Get Wasted Too

    It’s not just cool kids that like to drink. Trekkies like to sit down and enjoy a bottle of Romulan Ale now and then too. The Starfleet Hip Flask is perfect for occasions when you need to sneak in some booze while you’re on ship duty. For $19.99 you get a 6 ounce stainless-steel hip […]