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    The UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Just Got Alexa

    The UE Boom 2 came out about two years ago, and it’s cruised along as one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market since then. That doesn’t mean Ultimate Ears has just been sitting back and enjoying the success — they’ve been gradually adding features to the speaker over time, including Siri and Google […]

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    Amazon Gives Alexa a Display With the Echo Show

    It was only a couple weeks ago that Amazon unveiled the Echo Look, an Alexa-enabled speaker with a camera and some fashion sense, so maybe you thought they would be done for a while. Far from it! Amazon is back at it this week with the Echo Show, the first Alexa speaker with a touchscreen. […]

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    Amazon Echo Look Turns Alexa Into Your Personal Stylist

    Well, we knew Alexa was always listening. Starting today, she’ll be watching, too — and judging. Amazon announced the Echo Look today, an Alexa speaker with a camera and four bright LED lights for flash to make sure you and your clothes look their best. In terms of hardware, the Amazon Echo Look isn’t that much […]

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    Roomba Now Takes Orders from Alexa

    Following Neato’s lead from last year, iRobot is announcing that they will add an Alexa skill for their Roomba robot vacuums. The skill is being prepared for a Q2 release, at which point you’ll be able to boss your Roomba around with voice commands. iRobot is also preparing a new feature that will show you […]

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    Hologram Barbie is Cooler than Siri and Alexa Combined

    Barbie has not been messing around during Toy Fair lately. A couple years ago, Mattel showed off the Hello Barbie doll, which had natural voice recognition, and last year Barbie got her own voice-activated smart house. She’s no less tech savvy this year — she’s now going holographic. Hologram Barbie isn’t actually a doll — the toy itself […]

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    Logitech Brings Alexa to Your Car

    Not too long ago we took a look at the Logi ZeroTouch smart car system, a way for owners of older cars to turn their smartphones into a driver safe smart car interface. Snapping an Android phone into one of Logitech’s dash or vent mounts automatically launches the ZeroTouch app, which enables simple voice commands […]

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    Learn Yoga from the Alexa-Enabled Lynx Robot

    The trend this CES was “Alexa-enabled devices”, and the Lynx Robot by UBTech was one of our favorites. The miniature humanoid is loaded up with technology and the Alexa-integration is actually just the start of it. Lynx is equipped with facial, image, and voice recognition, emotion detection, and movements that are so lifelike it can […]

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    Lenovo Enters the Smart Home With Their Own Alexa-Enabled Smart Assistant

    Amazon’s immense success moving Alexa devices during the holiday probably didn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the tech industry. It certainly didn’t come as a surprise to Lenovo — they’ve been working with Amazon to create their own smart home speaker, and they’re showing it off at CES 2017. The Smart Assistant is, essentially, […]

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    18 Ways Amazon Alexa Can Make Your Holidays Brighter

    Amazon Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo, Dot and Tap are quickly finding their way into our homes and some would say into our hearts. Those of us who already rely on her every day to turn on the lights, make the house comfortable and order dinner will surely be asking for new ways to […]

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    You Can Now Tell Alexa to Vacuum the House Thanks to Neato

    It’s not exactly Rosie, but maybe it’s close enough — thanks to Neato, we now have a voice-activated vacuum cleaner. Yesterday, the company announced that the Neato Botvac Connected now works with Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, Alexa. The Botvac Connected can now be used with Amazon’s smart home speakers, including the Echo and Dot, or any of […]

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    TCL Updates Their 17-Inch Xess Tablet With Amazon Alexa

    When TCL introduced their 17″ Xess tablet earlier this year, it was meant to be a family communication hub ideal for the kitchen. It could be used by family members or roommates to leave notes and reminders for each other, and parents got the benefit of free Nickelodeon shows for their kids. But, family hub […]

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    Amazon Music Unlimited is Yet Another Streaming Music Service

    Dissatisfied with all the streaming options out there? No? Well, here’s another option anyway. Amazon Music Unlimited is joining the ranks of Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Napster (formerly Rhapsody), and probably a bunch of others I’m neglecting to mention. So, why is Amazon getting into the game? They think they […]

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    Sonos Will Work With Amazon Alexa and the Spotify App in 2017

    Sonos has long been a terrific choice for setting up a simple wireless home audio system. Their speakers are all connected using Wi-Fi, with a central app enabling control over one, some, or all of those speakers. But, the technology Sonos used wasn’t something that meshed well with other products and services, which held it […]