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    The HP Envy Curved AiO 34 Exudes Elegance

    Usually when we see all-in-one computers, they have a distinctly computer look to them. Not so with the HP Envy Curved AiO 34, a gorgeous entertainment system of a computer that will most certainly not clash with the decor. In fact, this AiO is precisely for people concerned with having a decor in the first […]

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    The Dell XPS 27 is an All-In-One with Seriously Good Speakers

    Dell unveiled a brand new all-in-one PC this morning with the help of The Glitch Mob, in what may have been one of the earliest morning live electronic music performances ever. Band member Josh Mayer played a little bit of “Fortune Days” using the Dell XPS 27 as his musical instrument — he’ll have to get […]

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    Toshiba Announces Europe’s First All-in-One Computer

    Toshiba UK was busy at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin today. One of the many headline-making announcements was Europe’s first all-in-one computer – a computer that houses the CPU and the monitor in the same shell. The Toshiba Qosimo DX730 is space-saving, but it has the specs to make it a worthwhile addition […]

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    Telikin Touchscreen is Grandma’s First Computer

    The Telikin Touchscreen PC is a new touchscreen PC designed for less tech savvy seniors. The system is essentially an Asus all-in-one PC that has been repackaged with super easy to use, touch based software. So instead of having to have gram or gramps dealing with viruses, firewalls, and what not, Telikin is designed to […]