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    The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s Crazy Thin New E-reader

    Well, the Kindle Voyage had a good (and short) run at the top. This week, Amazon is announcing a brand new model of Kindle called the Oasis, and it’s an almost complete design overhaul. The company is so keen on that new design that they’re expecting it to command a very high price — you don’t […]

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    Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Paperwhite: A Guide to the New Kindles

    Yesterday, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, had some important things to talk about in Santa Monica, California. You can see those things above. Amazon has introduced its newest line of Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fire tablets, and the story is still the same – Amazon is aiming to compete on price with the other […]

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    NOOK Tablet vs. Kindle Fire – FIGHT!

    So Barnes & Noble finally announced the NOOK Tablet today, their direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire. There is no question that these two new tablets / e-readers are set to go head to head against each other this holiday season. So which one should you choose to go with? During B&N’s NOOK Tablet […]