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    Sony Tablet P First Impressions

    It has been many months since Sony first showed of their Tablet P, an Android tablet with a very un-tablet like design. Well, the Tablet P is finally available to purchase and we got to spend some hands on time with it, and here are our first impressions. Right off the bat we were surprised to […]

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    Hands-On with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    One of the major announcements at IFA 2011 is yet another Samsung Galaxy Tab – the 7.7. Like the 10.1 and 8.9, the 7.7 refers to the display size, making this one of the more portable tablets on the market. Considering that many tablets are still stuck in between being truly mobile and being more […]

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    Huawei MediaPad is World’s First Tablet to Run Android 3.2

    Have you never heard of Chinese manufacturer Huawei? Well today they released a tablet that will likely put them on your radar. They announced the MediaPad, which is actually the world’s first tablet running Android 3.2 Honeycomb. This 7 inch tablet also happens to be their smallest an slightest tablet yet.