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    PayPal Can Finally Be Used to Pay for iTunes Purchases

    Apple and PayPal have finally decided to cooperate — starting last week, Apple is now rolling out PayPal as a payment option for purchases made through their services, including iTunes and Apple Music. That means PayPal can be used to buy songs, books, movies, and apps from iTunes, as well as pay for the monthly subscription […]

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    Adele Says Hello to Streaming, Releases 25 Album on Spotify

    As was probably planned from the beginning, Adele has permitted all major streaming services — Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and yes, even Tidal — to start streaming her latest album, 25. The tap opened late last week, just over seven months after the album was released. At the time, Adele was one of a growing number of […]

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    AC/DC Finally Gives In To On-Demand Streaming

    One of the very few acts to resist streaming music has finally given way. Australian rockers AC/DC have joined the streaming movement alongside the launch of Apple Music, but make no mistake, they’re going all in — the full (and very large) AC/DC catalog will now be available on-demand on Apple Music, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, […]

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    Taylor Swift Gets Apple to Pay Artists During the Three-Month Apple Music Trial Period

    Last week, news hit about Apple’s intention to not pay out royalties during the three-month free trial period of Apple Music, Apple’s streaming music service launching next week. Backlash immediately came from independent labels concerned about losing out on significant revenue over those three months. Apple’s response was silence. What Apple failed to account for […]