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    The CW Confirms Another Huge DC Crossover Involving Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash This Season

    To no one’s surprise, all four DC Comics shows on The CW — Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow — all got renewed for new seasons well before their most recent season finales even aired. With a successful crossover event going down last year, you knew those showrunners would try to top themselves! Yesterday, the CW confirmed that a […]

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    Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Supernatural Are Returning to the CW Next Fall

    Usually we don’t hear about television series getting renewed until later in the year, but the CW doesn’t see much point waiting on its most successful series. Over the weekend, the network announced the renewal of seven series, including all of their DC superhero shows. The CW’s original superhero duo, Arrow and Flash, will get sixth and fourth […]

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    A Supergirl-Arrow Crossover Could Be in the Works

    With yesterday’s crossover episode of Supergirl featuring The Flash going off pretty much perfectly (with a ratings spike for good measure), we get to start speculating on future crossovers. A good place to start is a Variety report that asks the showrunners about the future of the show — at the very least, it sounds […]

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    These Jackets Take Cosplay to a New Level

    Ever wonder where you could get the jacket Bane wore in The Dark Knight Rises? Of course! Well, I don’t know about getting the one that Tom Hardy literally wore on set, but I know where you can find one that looks a lot like it — a site called Angel Jackets, which seems to […]

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    Toshiba Gigabeat T-Series Review

    Previously we’ve talked about how Samsung wants to be a iPod shuffle and iPod Touch killer, well now Toshiba has entered the ring to take on the 3rd generation Nano. We have to say that they certainly know how to put up a good fight. At first glance we weren’t sure how the Toshiba Gigabeat […]

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    Kensington’s Ci70 Wireless Desktop Set Review

    The Ci Lifestyle Collection from Kensington continues to change the perception of typical Keyboard and Mouse designs. We previously reviewed the mice in the collection and the Ci70 Wireless Desktop set is no different, its sleek and space saving design combined with its excellent performance make the set a great addition to any computer set-up. […]