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    MacBook Selfie Stick is an Accident Waiting to Happen

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — someone made an artistic statement about vanity and isolation in the selfie age. This time, artists Moises, John Yuyi, and Tom Galle made a particularly robust selfie stick designed for the MacBook, then went around New York City taking pictures of people using the stick to […]

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    SCORE!! Britto Barbie Celebrates the World Cup

    The 2014 World Cup kicks off in a little over a month, and with Brazil hosting this year, it’s pretty obvious what’s required – a new Barbie, clearly. Romero Britto, a neo-pop artist, has offered his take on Barbie, giving her a bright, colorful dress filled with Brasil, hearts, and soccer. Those three seem to […]

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    Logitech Eye Candy Color Collection Includes Tweet Tweet Mouse

    Logitech is coming out with its own answer to Microsoft’s Artist Series of mobile mice with their Eye Candy collection. Logitech hasn’t named which artists and designers are behind these mice, but the neat artistry is still there. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 will get four different designs that are in the same vein as what […]

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    Hello Kitty, Hello Art! Gallery Exhibition Celebrates Sanrio Characters

    “Hello Kitty, Hello Art!” is a new art exhibition where you can find art inspired Hello Kitty and other favorite Sanrio characters. The exhibition which opened at Openhouse Gallery in New York last night, features paintings, sculpture, prints & media from popular street and contemporary artists from around the world – all of which have been […]

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    Check Out the Dell XPS 13 at Create.Work.Inspire. with Intel

    This Thursday Dell and Intel head back to New York City for their third Create.Work.Inspire event. This time the XPS 13 Ultrabook takes center stage as a key player in the creation of a music video for Japanese rock band, The Suzan. We’ll be on hand and behind the scenes, watching as the Create.Work.Inspire uses the […]

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    Intel and Vice Bring the Creators Project Back to New York

    Arts, Music, and Technology — what more could we want? The Creators Project  is “a global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology.” The Multi-Day exhibition has been making its way around the world for over a year already. We had the pleasure of checking it out this weekend in New York […]

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    Microsoft Teams Up with Artists for Wireless Mouse Series

    Microsoft hardware has unveiled a new series of mice that aren’t just colorful, they are actually works of art. The company’s design team actually commissioned five of their favorite artists to produce six different mice as part of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Artist Edition. Yep, that is a mouth full. The artwork […]

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    Crash Matos Officially Debuts the Tumi Tag Luggage and iPhone 4 Case

    Tumi is spraying some graffiti onto its line-up of typically black luggage. Their latest collaboration with urban artist “Crash” has led to the debut of the Crash Matos Limited Edition Travel cases. It might seem like an odd match between a typically corporate style case manufacturer and a graffiti-inspired artist, but quite honestly it’s a […]

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    Aerial7 Tank Mondrian Headphones Review

    We can’t get enough of fun and trendy-looking headphones, and they don’t get much trendier then the Aerial7 Tank Headphones. These over-the-ear DJ-style headphones come in a variety of fab color schemes and all feature big sound, large swiveling ear cups, comfortable padded headbands, and interchangeable cables.

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    Tetris Tetriminos as Wall Art

    Who doesn’t love Tetris? In fact I still find myself playing the classic game once and awhile. But aside from playing the game, wouldn’t it be fun to have Tetris adorn your walls? Come on, I bet you have thought about it atleast once.