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    Art Nouveau Final Fantasy Fan Art Proves This Really is the Most Fashionable Video Game Series

    Even before the series went 3D with Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy has always held fashion in high regard thanks to Tetsuya Nomura’s always excellent character design. But, in recent years, Final Fantasy’s ties to fashion have gotten a little more literal — Lightning became a Louis Vuitton model, and it’s not totally inaccurate to say that […]

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    This Art Nouveau Sailor Moon Fan Art is Simply Gorgeous

    We always love giving love to one of our favorite fan artists! Hannah Alexander draws characters from all across pop culture in a wonderful art nouveau style, and she invents some stunning outfit redesigns while she’s at it. Today we’ll look back on her Sailor Moon fan art series, which puts the soldiers in some […]

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    Disney Princesses Make Some Serious Fashion Statements in this Art Nouveau Series

    We’ve celebrated Hannah Alexander’s awesome artwork before, looking at her Alphonse Mucha-inspired series of Disney princesses. Well, those were from many years ago — she’s only gotten better since then, especially when it comes to dresses! Alexander has become something of a go-to for fresh cosplay inspiration, combining gorgeous artwork with some brilliant new dress ideas. […]