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    The Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset is the Fanciest Looking Headset at IFA

    When Microsoft talked about their mixed reality platform last year, they mentioned that HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo would all be making lower-cost headsets that would make VR cheaper and more accessible, if at the cost of providing a high-end experience. HP and Acer have already launched their headsets, Dell introduced their Visor earlier this […]

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    The Asus ZenBook Flip S is So Thin It’s Almost Dangerous

    What we think of it as a product aside, I can’t help but be amazed at what Asus just revealed at their Computex 2017 press conference today. The 13.3″ ZenBook Flip S is crazy small for a laptop of any kind, at just 10.9 mm thick — especially one with premium specs. But, after a little […]

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    The Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe and Pro are Powerful Lightweight Laptops

    Asus got started early at Computex 2017, holding their press conference today before the official start of the show. Here’s what they couldn’t wait to tell us — details about their next ZenBooks. The ZenBook Deluxe and Pro have the expected hardware refreshes, along with a few other additions that make them look attractive for […]

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    Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe Review

    The Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe is a big phone, but not in a bad way. Asus’s latest flagship phone manages to pack a large 5.7″ display into a svelte .3″ aluminum unibody design with diamond cut edges that weighs just six ounces. When you hold it, it feels too light to be that big, and we […]

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    The Asus ZenFone 3 Line Will Be Available This Month

    The Asus ZenFone 3 line, along with almost everything else Asus announced at Computex and IFA this year, will be coming to the United States over the next two months. Besides the models we heard about at those two shows, Asus has a couple other lower-cost options for the ZenFone. The 5.7″ ZenFone 3 Deluxe, […]

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    The Asus ZenWatch 3 Goes Round, Gets a Luxury Makeover

    It’s next to impossible to differentiate Android Wear smartwatches from the tech side. As long as a smartwatch is powerful enough to run Android Wear and the battery can last at least a whole day, it’s up there with the best. So, the way we usually pick our favorite Android smartwatches is the same way […]

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    Asus Made a Cuter, Friendlier Smart Home Assistant Named Zenbo

    Amazon Echo and Google Home, among others, have sought to solve the central problem of the smart home — making everything work together. The concept of a hub that can work with all the connected devices in your home and understand voice commands is one that the market badly needs if consumer adoption of the internet […]

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    Asus Chromebit CS10 is the First Stick PC to Run Chrome OS

    Putting Chrome OS on a stick PC is tricky — Chromebooks have carved out a nice niche in the notebook market by being noticeably cheaper, compensating for the limits to usefulness, like not being able to run third party programs. The new Asus Chromebit CS10, announced by Asus and Google in March, is still cheaper […]

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    Best of IFA 2015

    The tech equivalent of a fall/winter fashion show is taking place this week at IFA 2015 in Berlin, and we’re there to get a look at the new gadgets you’ll start seeing on store shelves during the holiday season and beyond — as of this week, you officially have the green light to start working […]

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    5 Smartwatches Coming Soon That You’ll Actually Want

    IFA 2015 is in full swing, and one of the biggest stories here has been the new and improved smartwatches coming out of some of the major players in the market. It’s a big story not necessarily because these devices are compelling — some are, some aren’t — but because we’re getting insight into where […]

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    Asus Goes Even Cheaper With the ZenFone 2E

    We’re big fans of the ZenFone 2, Asus’ low-cost phone that doesn’t fall too short of a flagship. The ZenFone 2E doesn’t pretend to be anywhere near a flagship, but at an even lower price, it’s looking like another great value. The ZenFone 2E is smaller at 5″, but still runs Android 5.0 like the […]

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    Asus ZenFone 2 Costs $199 Unlocked, Yet It’s a Flagship Phone

    After hitting stores in some parts of Asia earlier this year, the Asus ZenFone 2 is officially coming to North America, and it’s coming soon—you’ll be able to buy it tomorrow. Asus chairman Jonney Shih announced the North American release of the ZenFone 2 at a press conference held in New York earlier today. While […]

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    Pick up the Asus MeMO Pad 7 LTE Tablet for 99 Cents

    One of our favorite budget tablets from last year is getting a little bit better in 2015. The Asus MeMO Pad 7 is getting an LTE model and an exclusive AT&T launch on April 10, when you’ll be able to get it on a prepaid or monthly plan. Other than LTE connectivity, this is the […]

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    Win the Asus Padfone X mini Smartphone powered by Intel!

    The ASUS PadFone X mini is 4.5-inch 4G LTE smartphone that can be transformed into a 7-inch tablet. You might go as far as calling it a jack of all trades. And now, it also has the honor of being the first Intel powered LTE Smartphone in U.S.A. The phone comes packing a powerful Intel […]