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    The BlackBerry KEYOne is Coming to AT&T in a Bold Space Black

    Did this year’s new BlackBerry KEYOne get your attention? It got ours — while the phone wasn’t perfect, the physical keyboard felt great and was stocked with some genuinely useful features. If you’ve been on the fence about getting one for yourself, good news — starting September 1, you’ll be able to try before you buy. That’s […]

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    AT&T Now Has an Unlimited (Kind of) Data Plan for Prepaid GoPhone Users

    With T-Mobile bringing their unlimited data plan to prepaid through MetroPCS not too long ago, it’s not too surprising that AT&T is now doing the same with their prepaid GoPhone plans. AT&T has announced new unlimited and 6 GB plans for their prepaid customers, although there are similar restrictions to their lower cost postpaid Unlimited Choice […]

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    San Diego is Investing $30 Million to Become a Smart City

    We’ve been talking a bit about 5G networks lately, especially about how 5G isn’t just about increased network speeds. The new bands being put in use will support the billions of new devices that need to be connected to data networks, particularly cars, drones, and smart home devices. But, to get things like self-driving cars […]

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    AT&T Tries to Lure Folks in With New Unlimited Plans – Again

    Just a couple weeks ago, AT&T joined the unlimited data plan fray by making their unlimited data plan available to all new customers — previously, you were required to have DirecTV service, too. But, AT&T is convinced that their acquisition of DirecTV gives them a competitive edge. They’re now using their new video services to entice […]

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    DirecTV NOW Review

    I dumped cable a few years ago and replaced it with Hulu, Netflix and Sling TV. So being a cord cutter, I was super psyched by the announcement of DirecTV NOW with its 120+ channel lineup. After several weeks of testing DirecTV NOW, can I testify that it’s ready for prime time? Not quite yet. The user […]

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    AT&T’s DirecTV Now Streaming TV Launches Nov 30th With a $35 Promo

    After generating a lot of buzz about their upcoming app-based streaming internet TV service in the past year, AT&T finally detailed DirecTV Now at an event in New York earlier today. While the previously quoted price of $35 for 100 channels won’t be permanent, DirecTV Now looks to be very competitive on selection and price […]

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    AT&T Will Offer a $35 Streaming TV Package with 100 Channels

    One of the lovely bits of news that came out over the weekend was that AT&T will be purchasing Time Warner (not the cable company, but the media company that owns CNN and Netflix) for $85 billion. With Verizon buying Yahoo and AOL, media and entertainment is increasingly falling into the hands of service providers […]

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    Here Are the Cheapest Ways to Buy an iPhone SE

    Apple’s latest press conference heralded the return of the 4″ premium phone. Bucking rumors, the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s in a much smaller frame — Force Touch was the only thing left on the cutting room floor. Still, being smaller, the SE was bound to come more cheaply than its larger counterparts. We […]

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    Drones Are About To Get A Lot More Useful With LTE

    Right now, most drones we see are souped-up remote control helicopters, ranging from kids’ toys to high-powered hobbyist flyers. But, they could be a whole lot more. The biggest obstacle to maximizing drones’ potential is LTE connectivity, which is a little trickier than connecting devices on the ground. Intel and AT&T were at Mobile World […]

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    AT&T is Bringing Back Unlimited Data – For Certain Customers

    Big news from AT&T to kick off 2016 — first they announced the end of two-year contracts, and now they’re bringing back unlimited data plans that should be a little more transparent and consumer-friendly than what they’ve done in the past. In other words, they’re becoming a bit more like T-Mobile. But, this being the […]

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    AT&T is Sending Connected Scooters to the Streets

    Cars aren’t the only vehicles getting connected. United States-based scooter maker Mahindra GenZe is using AT&T’s network and connectivity technology to power a new line of motorized, connected scooters aimed at budget- and environmentally-conscious city dwellers. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean anyone will actually be communicating with their scooter on the road. The GenZe 2.0 scooters, […]

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    Uber Drivers to Get 1 GB of Free Data from AT&T

    Today, AT&T has announced a partnership with Uber that aims to make their network the most attractive for Uber drivers. AT&T will provide 1 GB of free data to drivers signed up for the Uber Momentum rewards program through AT&T Work, while offering discounts on monthly plans. AT&T Work is a platform that allows employees […]