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    Google Glass is Back, and This Time it Means Business

    It’s been over two years since Google’s early attempt at wearable augmented reality blew up in their face. In 2015, Google finally had to admit that Google Glass in its then-current form wasn’t going to work as a consumer device after receiving tons of blowback about the unsettling idea of someone staring at you with […]

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    Pokémon Go is Losing Players Fast

    Well, it wasn’t going to last forever. The meteoric rise of Pokémon Go this summer has finally ended, with new stats from Axiom Capital Management showing that daily active user and engagement rates have been dipping since mid-July. Bloomberg has a report on the decline of the game, with an Axiom analyst suggesting that worried execs of […]

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    Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone Combines Drone Piloting and Augmented Reality Gameplay

    E3 had plenty in store for older gamers, but the little guys weren’t completely forgotten about. Air Hogs, long known for their remote-controlled vehicles, has taken their flight prowess and combined it with augmented reality gameplay that should be a hit with kids. Usually, augmented reality games work with small markers — place them around a […]

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    Excedrin is Using VR to Show People What a Migraine Feels Like

    Worried about getting a headache while playing around with VR? Excedrin wants you to know that your fears are completely founded — and that’s not a bad thing. In a pretty interesting VR experiment, the people responsible for deliverance from all headaches has created the Migraine Experience, a simulation of what it’s actually like to […]

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    FaceCake Lets You Try On Makeup Virtually Using Augmented Reality

    ModiFace has established themselves as the leader in augmented reality beauty apps, allowing you to try nail polish, hairstyles, and cosmetics on virtually before paying or getting a disastrous haircut. But, it was FaceCake that really got the augmented reality retail party started back in 2013, when they introduced Swivel. Swivel was an early AR […]

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    Creative Control Movie Review

    Creative Control, written, directed and starred in by Benjamin Dickinson, depicts the scattered fragments of an ad executive’s attempt to pivot a new Augmented Reality technology. The film converges the style and cleverness of Mad Men with a mix of the futuristic tech and human interaction of Spike Jonze’s Her. One aspect, though, that is […]

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    New Lego Collections Blend AR and Traditional Building

    Lego remains one of the best loved and best selling kids toys. And they’re no slouch when it comes to advances in technology either. Products like Lego Mindstorms and Lego Universe pushed the Lego envelope by melding real land virtual play. The newest high touch meets high tech collection is Lego Fusion — a mashup […]

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    Virtual Mirror Lets You Try Jewelry Online

    An online fashion accessories e-commerce site called BoutiqueAccessories has set up “Virtual Mirror” that lets users try on jewelry using augmented reality. Lets face it, some things are more difficult to purchase online because you can’t try them on first – and jewelry is a perfect example of that. However, this site’s Virtual Mirror changes […]

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    Esquire and Barnes and Noble Wants to Help You Find Brooklyn Decker

    That silly thing called augmented reality….it’s just getting all over the place that its almost becoming gimmicky but I guess if it involves high-end magazines and models, guys will go for it. Won’t you fellas? Esquire, today unveiled its collaboration with GoldRun, an augmented reality platform, to create two interactive adventures using “geo-tagging” technology.

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    3DBottles Use Augmented Reality

    Looking for new ways to show off your creative videos? Well 3DBottles from Greensender puts Augmented Reality onto an average water bottle. Upload a video and then give someone one of these bottles with a marker and have them go oooh and ahh over it when they stick it in front of their webcam. The […]