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    Tesla Assigned Partial Responsibility for Last Year’s Fatal Autopilot Crash

    While most of the automotive industry has approached autonomous driving slowly and cautiously, Tesla has sped forward — last year, to fatal results. In May 2016, Joshua Brown was killed when his Tesla Model S collided with a semi truck while Autopilot, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving technology, was activated. Brown was assigned most of the blame for […]

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    The United States House of Representatives Just Brought Us a Little Closer to Autonomous Cars

    Ask a bunch of people materially invested in autonomous cars what the biggest obstacle to rollout is, and they’ll almost certainly tell you the same thing — regulations. The hardware that enables self-driving cars already exists, the software is coming along, and fast, low-latency 5G networks are in the pipeline. Partnerships between tech companies, auto manufacturers, and […]

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    Domino’s is Testing Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Cars with Ford

    Domino’s has been at the forefront of pizza delivery technology for as long as I can remember pizza delivery technology being a thing (so, the pizza tracker). They’ve tested delivery robots, they’ve tested pizza delivery drones, and now they’re going to be testing autonomous car deliveries — kind of. We’re still many years out from ever […]

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    Intel Adds Fiat Chrysler to Its Autonomous Driving Superteam

    Intel just hit the gas pedal on their autonomous driving efforts. After partnering with BMW, Audi, Delphi, and Mobileye (which they later acquired), Intel has now established a partnership with Fiat Chrysler for the purpose of further testing their autonomous drive systems and hardware. Coupled with the opening of a new autonomous driving lab earlier […]

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    Jaguar Land Rover Just Invested Tons of Money and Vehicles in Lyft to Work on Self-Driving Cars

    While Uber has been busy getting sued for stealing self-driving technology, watching their corporate leadership team crumble, and dreaming about whatever this is, Lyft has been a bit more cautious. Instead of building their own self-driving car tech, the ride-hailing competitor to Uber has been figuring out how to get other self-driving cars on their […]

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    You Can Now Hitch a Ride With a Waymo Self-Driving Car in Phoenix

    After extensive testing of their driverless cars in Arizona, Waymo is ready to get their show on the real road. Waymo, which exists under the same umbrella company as Google, will now be offering rides in self-driving cars to willing passengers in and around Phoenix — and they’ll be doing it for free! Those interested can […]

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    Intel Buys Autonomous Car Sensor Specialist Mobileye for $15.3 Billion

    Big news in the autonomous car world last week, as Intel acquired Mobileye, a company known for its autonomous car sensors, for $15.3 billion. The agreement allows Intel to move closer toward a comprehensive autonomous car platform, something we first started hearing about at CES. In hindsight, the acquisition shouldn’t have come as a surprise. […]

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    Volkswagen is Making the Official Vehicle of Self-Discovery Electric

    Back before internet forums, the way people found themselves was within the confines of a rusted Volkswagen microbus, along with enough friends and strangers to guarantee sufficient money for gas. So, call the I.D. Buzz a sign of the times — Volkswagen’s new concept microbus doesn’t require gas or a driver. Someday the I.D. Buzz will […]

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    Tesla Pumps the Brakes on Autopilot, Gears Up for Fully Autonomous Cars

    Tesla made a brief announcement about their current slate of electric vehicles last night, which seems to be something of a temporary step back from Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature. Elon Musk announced that starting now, every Tesla vehicle produced will be equipped with the hardware necessary for fully autonomous driving, with the stipulation that Autopilot […]

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    LeEco Enters the U.S. Market With Phones, TVs, Bikes, VR, and a Streaming Platform to Tie it All Together

    LeEco is a new name to the United States, but don’t consider it an upstart — formerly Letv, the company that started off as a streaming content provider has grown into a behemoth in its native China. LeEco now makes hardware of all kinds, all of which is infused with their services and software. They describe themselves […]

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    Whether You Like It Or Not, Self-driving Ubers Are Coming This Year

    Sounds like autonomous cars are coming sooner than we thought. This week, Volvo and Uber announced that they have formed a multi-million dollar partnership that will see Uber start to amass a fleet of autonomous cars by purchasing them from Volvo. And, believe it or not, they’re going to be on the road as soon as […]