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    How One App Helped Deliver a Newborn Baby

    First Opinion is an app that lets you have text message conversations with licensed physicians across the country. That’s great if you need quick preventative care tips, or if you’re looking for home remedies that actually work. But, if you need to deliver a baby, that’s fine, too. According to app lore, Andrea Johnson of […]

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    BabyFirst App Brings Interactivity to AT&T U-Verse TVs

    We’re going to be getting them started right out of the womb pretty soon. AT&T has gotten together with BabyFirst to create baby’s first app – the BabyFirst U-verse app. As the name implies, this app is going to be (partly) exclusive to AT&T U-verse subscribers (incidentally, it looks like it’ll also be exclusive to […]

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    Listen to the Beat of Your Unborn Baby with Bellabeat

    A tracker for all things. This is the way of the world, and so it is now with pregnancy. Bellabeat is a new tracker that pregnant moms can put over their wombs, getting baby vitals and giving them brand new Facebook posting material. Bellabeat connects to smartphones through the headphone jack. A pregnant mom-to-be can […]

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    Sensible Baby SmartOne is a Super Powered Onesie

    Infant health sensors are definitely a big new market emerging out of the general sensor frenzy. Perhaps none so far have been as practical as the SmartOne from Sensible Baby. It’s a onesie fitted with sensors that your infant can comfortably wear, ensuring more consistent and accurate readings. The SmartOne basically works the same way […]

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    Withings Smart Baby WiFi Scale Will Annoy Facebook Friends

    Withings, a company that lives by their mantra “Smarter Devices, Healthier Lifestyles,” has just announced their internet connected Baby and Toddler Scale. The Smart Baby Scale uses bluetooth, WiFi, and even the new low energy Bluetooth Smart to connect to your computer, iOS device, and the cloud to monitor and track your child’s growth. Similar […]

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    Bellybuds Headphones Play Music to Babies in the Womb

    Bellybuds Pregancy bellyphones is a special device that gently adheres to a mom’s belly so that her baby can hear prenatal music, voices, and soothing sounds while they’re in the womb. Moms can connect Bellybuds to an iPod or any standard music player via a 3.5mm jack. The idea might seem silly at first, but […]

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    Snupped Designer Laptop Sleeve Review

    A few weeks ago we wrote about a Snupped a company that specialized in making trendy and funky designed laptop sleeves. Recently we were lucky enough to get a hands on experience with one of them. As we mentioned in the past Snupped has many sizes available to fit random screens. We got a chance […]

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    Baby-G’s Hot New Fall Line-up

    Baby-G gave us a special preview of some of their hot new upcoming  for the Fall and Holidays season. For those of you not familiar with Baby G, Baby G is the “sister” watch to Casio’s G-Shock . You know, those tough as hell watches that you can drop a few stories on to the […]

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    Pocket Sized Guitar Hero Arcade Game

    Guitar Hero Addicts rejoice! So what if you can’t schlep your game console with you everywhere. Well you can, but we won’t even get in to why it’s not a good idea. Anyway, finally – there is a super portable pocket sized Guitar Hero game coming out. Basic Fun’s Guitar Hero Carabiner measures 7 3/4″ […]

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    BodyGuardz for the Ipod Nano Review

    A few months ago we reviewed the InvisibleSHIELD for the iPhone which is a clear film that protects your baby without hiding its good looks. Well BodyGuardz is another company taking a stab at making clear film protectors for your many Apple gadgets. BodyGuardz was nice enough to provide us with a transparent skin for […]

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    And Now for our Feature Presentation – Your Baby

    Weddings, Engagement parties, Birthdays, Just Divorced etc… There seems to always to be an excuse to visit Kate’s Paperie to send an announcement. Well 5Starbaby.com has a more unique way of making that baby announcement, that I’m sure the likes of Halle Berry and Nicole Ritchie would approve of. 5Starbaby creates movie poster size announcements […]