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    Man Makes Self-Lacing Sneakers Out of Lego Bricks

    In the run up to Back to the Future day in 2015, Nike went all-in on the promise of self-lacing sneakers. They started off with a faithful recreation of the Nikes from Back to the Future II, but only Michael J. Fox got hooked up. After that, Nike had the tech and figured hey, why not make a […]

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    Nike Self-Lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 Sneakers to Become Available December 1

    Last year, Nike celebrated Back to the Future day by sending Michael J. Fox a genuine working pair of Nike Mags with power laces, making one of Back to the Future II‘s many predictions true. Not very many of those Mags were made, but Nike didn’t call it a day on self-lacing shoes, either. In March of this […]

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    Cast of Back to the Future Reunites At Silicon Valley Comic-Con

    After all these years, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd finally got up on stage and only had the past to talk about. Reuniting for a panel at the first annual Silicon Valley Comic-Con this past weekend, the main cast of the Back to the Future series got to look back on their […]

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    Pepsi Will Sell Another Batch of Pepsi Perfect

    When we were celebrating Back to the Future Day last month, we had stern words for Pepsi’s release of Pepsi Perfect in time for October 21. Specifically, those words were “forced” repeated three times. So, it’s only right that this cheapest of cash-ins went awry — Pepsi Perfect bottles were supposed to go on sale […]

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    Loot Crate October 2015 Review and Coupon Code

    TIME was the theme for October’s Loot Crate – and, quite appropriately, since October was also the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future II. The box also celebrated the timeless appeal of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the timey-wimey charm of Doctor Who. This month’s Loot Crate ended up being one of our favorite […]

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    Michael J. Fox Tries on the First REAL Nike Mags With Power Laces

    Back to the Future day was one full of disappointments, but at least we got one thing right — Marty McFly got his power lacing sneakers. On the 21st, Michael J. Fox got his 2015 Nike Mags — with power laces, unlike the 2011 version — along with a personal note from Nike designer Tinker […]

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    Now You Can Be Marty McFly With Your Own Electric DeLorean DMCEV

    Roads? You don’t need roads where you’re going. Back to the Future fans with a lot of extra cash to burn can burn rubber like Marty McFly and Doc in their own personal DeLorean DMCEV. Better yet, it’s a car of the future – not a flying one, unfortunately, but a completely electric one running […]

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    Eric Stoltz Went Back to The Future Before Michael J. Fox

    Yes, it’s true – Michael J. Fox wasn’t the first to play the guitar loving Marty McFly character. Instead, it was Mr. Caprica himself – Eric Stolz. For the first time in 25 years – Universal Studios has released footage showing Eric Stolz going back in time. This rare footage will be included on the […]