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    This Octopus Backpack is Absolutely Terrifying

    How bad would your jump scare reaction be if you saw someone wearing this? If you’d rate your reaction in the accidentally jumping into traffic section of the scale, be warned — this hyper-realistic octopus backpack is all sold out, which means that some of them are prowling the streets on the backs of their willing […]

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    Knomo’s Drop & Go Is an Ultra-Fast Battery Charging Pocket

    When we saw that Knomo would be at CES 2016 with new bags, we knew they wouldn’t disappoint. With a history of tech-friendly, fashion-forward handbags and backpacks, Knomo knows how to make the tech lifestyle more convenient and stylish, and that doesn’t change with the Drop & Go, a new pocket that will soon be […]

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    Speck’s First Backpack Knocks it Out of the Park

    In our never-ending search for the perfect backpack, it seems there is no happy medium between the ultra-protective behemoth that makes us look like a hitch-hiker, and the oh-so-fashionable backpack that lacks sufficient pockets. Speck, the popular mobile case maker, must have heard our complaints as its new line of MightyPack backpacks check all our […]

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    SkySaver Backpack is Your Ticket Out of a Burning Building

    Live in a high-rise building and don’t trust your cooking skills? SkySaver is an altogether different sort of backpack that can save your life in the event of an apartment fire — by giving you a fire-resistant rope to help you rappel down the building. Inside SkySaver is a metal rope coiled up and ready […]

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    Hedgren Jamm 15″ Laptop Backpack Review

    [A backpack is a representation of who you are. Lucky for us, we just discovered Hedgren bags; they’re unique with a very fresh look — much like us! We reviewed the Hedgren Jamm 15” Laptop backpack. It features an atypical rectangular design, water repellent material, and plenty of compartments. It’s not a hiking backpack, but […]

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    Game Boy Inspired TravelBoy Backpack is Nostalgia for Your Back

    We love anything that reminds us of being a kid again and the latest backpack from ThinkGeek does just that.  Timely launched during Game boy’s 25th anniversary year –  Travelboy, a  Gameboy inspired backpack will hold your stuff and then some. We are talking several pouches and compartments to hide vinyl toys and of course […]

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    The Pack from Blueflame is the Perfect Commuter Backpack: Review

    There’s nothing like a small backpack for everyday use. BlueFlame’s “Pack” Technical Commute Backpack is exactly what it sounds like, a safe haven for transporting all your techie gear. This small backpack is designed to safely store a 13″ laptop, a tablet, and enough stuff for an overnight getaway. Surprisingly, this is accessory manufacturer BlueFlame’s […]

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    TARDIS Backpack is Begging to Be Stolen

    One would hope that, upon seeing this backpack, covetous eyes would just go online and get their own. But, others might go all Highlander on you, wanting to be the only one with such an excellent piece of backpack merch. Caution is advised.

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    House of Marley Lively Up Leather Scout Pack Review

    Back to school time is just around the corner, and the House of Marley has a cool backpack for you to strut around in – the Lively Up Leather Scout back pack. This backpack is made from 60% organic cotton and hemp, and 40% recycled water bottles, so you can feel especially good about your […]

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    Altego’s Polygon Sunfire Laptop Backpack Review

    The Altego Polygon Sunfire is an entirely unique, fun, and very useful backpack. Ir’s clear that a lot of design thought was put into both the quality of this backpack and its appealing looks. Also, it is highly functional, with 9 plus pockets, and it’s multipurpose – fitting both an iPad and a laptop. The […]

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    This Backpack Keeps Hackers Off Your Back

    Don’t want your electronics talking to strangers without your permission? The HackShield line of bags from Das Keyboard takes draconian measures, putting all of your devices into solitary while they’re locked up in your new bag.

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    Hooded Glow in the Dark Skeleton Backpack: Skeletor is That You?

    It seems like hooded backpacks are becoming a thing now, and that means people are going to start getting creative with them. Case in point being this number, a glow in the dark black backpack revealing what’s going on underneath. The backpack shows off your (really) inner beauty, with the rib cage on the backpack […]

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    PowerBag Backpack by Ful Review, The Go-To Bag for Geeks

    These days it seems technology is too powerful for the batteries inside of them! Most people are lucky to get by on a full days use out of their smartphone battery. We happily present to you: PowerBag Backpack by Ful —  the tech-friendly backpack. The PowerBag backpack which is designed by ful and produced by […]

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    Cocoon Central Park Sports Backpack with Grid-It Review

    It’s products like the Cocoon Central Park Sports Backpack that make me want to go back in school; it’s a great sporty backpack for us tech people. The Central Park Sport features the oh-so-cool Grid-It organizer, a padded compartment for laptops up to 17″, media pockets, expandable side pockets, a stow-away water resistant hood, and […]

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    Neon Green Capsoul Solar Powered Back Pack Review

    Lets face it, we’re hooked on electronics. In this day and age, who wants to leave the house without their beloved cell phone, iPod, e-reader or Tablet? It’s worse then having a battery die on you. That is where the Capsoul Solar Powered Back Pack by Neon Green comes into play. As long as you’re […]

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    Slappa’s Custom M.A.S.K. BackPack Features Removable Artwork

    Slappa is hard at work trying to revolutionize laptop backpacks and they could actually do it with the introduction of M.A.S.K. The M.A.S.K backpack is unique in that you can choose its outer backpack face and even choose its inner backpack artwork too from a selection of great artist choices. We can’t help but wonder […]

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    Neon Green Makes Soular Bags Hip and Trendy

    Neon Green’s Soular Powers Back-Up Packs is a brand of backpacks and bags that have built-in solar panels. The bags are able to passively capture energy from the sun, to store it for future recharging of your gadgets. This technology is really nothing new, as we have seen solar bags coming out for a while […]