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    Install Dropbox Remotely on Someone’s PC with Soluto

    Are you the go-to tech support person in your family? You know, the guy or girl that everyone calls when their computer is on the fritz? If so, then it’s worth checking out Soluto, a free service that lets you remotely log in to someone else’s PC, and it helps you troubleshoot what is happening […]

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    How To Celebrate World Backup Day 2011

    Today is officially World Backup Day, which means two things. 1. We’re one day away from April Fool’s Day. 2. There really is a day for EVERYTHING. That said, there is a serious lesson to be learned from World Backup Day and that is that you should always have a backup system (or two) in […]

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    HP SimpleSave Hard Drive Review

    Anybody who has ever had their computer crash on them and lost precious irreplaceable files knows just how important it is to back your computer up. The more backups the better. Not only does backing your computer up protect you from when (not if) your computer will have a complete meltdown, it also gives you […]

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    Seagate Replica Review

    The new Seagate Replica is designed with one thing in mind – true simplicity. Seagate knows that despite everything, there are still plenty of people not backing up because they aren’t tech savvy enough or they are just too plain lazy. The Replica eliminates those excuses by making backing up as dead simple as plugging […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Desk for Mac Review

    The new Seagate FreeAgent Desk for Mac has been designed specifically with Mac users in mind. Its modern silver and white aesthetics have been sculpted to blend in seamlessly with your current Mac set up whether it be an iMac, a Mac Pro or a Macbook Pro. Overall the drive is a nice size for […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Go Review (2008 Edition)

    The new Seagate FreeAgent Go sports a slick new brushed metal design that is both slim and lightweight, weighing in at just 5.6 ounces. The device itself measures 0.49″ in H x 3.15″ in W x 5.12″ in Length. It’s lightweight and small enough so that you wont mind carrying it around with you, yet […]

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    Maxtor Shared Storage II Networked Hard Drive Review

    I guess it comes along with the territory that I have lots of computers. So when you have that many you tend to save documents and images separately on all of them. Which makes it very frustrating when you are trying to work with a document and it’s on another computer. It’s a terrible unorganized […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Go Drive Review

    A part of Seagate’s new line of stylish external hard drives, the FreeAgent Go is designed to be portable and small enough to travel comfortably with while still managing to pack in lots of gigabytes for storage. The design aesthetic of the FreeAgent Go is slick, and pretty different than most other hard drives. It […]