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    Mophie Slim Powerstation 2X Review

    Mophie never lets us down. They are always there to revive our always dying smartphones. The Mophie Powerstation 2X comes to the rescue with 2 full charges for the iPhone 6. It does this while being ultra light weight and thin, almost exactly as thin as the iPhone 6, but even shorter in length by […]

  • Duracell Deviates From Batteries, Pushes Flash Drives and USB Chargers

    The day when we will no longer need AAA or AA batteries is still probably far in the future. That said, you have to imagine that with rechargeable options becoming dominant, the old batteries probably aren’t a good investment for the future. Evidently, the two biggest battery producers – Duracell and Energizer – feel the […]

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    Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review for iPhone 4

    Even though iPhone 4’s battery is a huge improvement on its predecessor, and better than most Android phones, it can still tough to make it a full day for us power users. Mophie’s Juice Pack Plus doubles iPhone 4’s battery, basically ensuring a real full day of juice. It’s what got us through the long, […]

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    MiLi Power Skin for iPhone 3G and 3GS Review

    Until we get an iPhone 4, which offers slightly better battery, we’re going to be living on the wild side using a phone that might not make it to see tomorrow on a single charge. All of us iPhone power users know it’s not too difficult to kill the iPhone battery in half a day. […]

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    Mophie Juice Pack Air Review

    If you are like us, you love your iPhone. But as with any electronic gadget, the biggest annoyance is the battery life. With average use you probably don’t get more than a day out of your iPhone, and generally that can be fine, since your day is over and you can let charge while you […]