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  • The PowerStation 8x and 2x hanging out together

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    Mophie Slim Powerstation 2X Review

    Mophie never lets us down. They are always there to revive our always dying smartphones. The Mophie Powerstation 2X comes to the rescue with 2 full charges for the iPhone 6. It does this while being ultra light weight and thin, almost exactly as thin as the iPhone 6, but even shorter in length by […]

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    These are the Best-Smelling Battery Packs of All Time

    If you’re on the east coast, you’re probably still half buried in snow and thinking about how awesome it would be to not have to dig out parking spots every time you go into the city. Well, good news — spring might still be a ways off, but at least we’re starting to see some […]

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    ASAP Dash Battery Pack Charges Up In Just 15 Minutes

    It’s pretty tough to make us excited about a battery pack, but the ASAP Dash has managed by fully charging dead phones, ASAP. The 5,000 mAh pack isn’t just pretty robust, it has fast charging capabilities that can intelligently max out charging speeds for all mobile devices, and it’s putting up some impressive numbers. The […]

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    12-inch MacBook Gets a USB-C Battery Pack

    The new 12-inch MacBook is generally considered the most energy efficient laptop of the fanless Intel Core M-powered laptops, capable of going anywhere between 9 and 11-hours on a single charge with average use. However, if you frequently take 13-plus hour flights, or simply don’t want to bother looking for a wall outlet to charge […]

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    Finally a Smart Gadget Bag for Women, Meet Knomo Elektronista

    Thanks to a partnership with Elektronista (a.k.a. Christiane Vejlø, a tech blogger based in Copenhagen), Knomo has produced one of their most stylish and functional bags yet. Christiane had several goals when she set out to work with Knomo on this project. “On the inside, women’s bags look the same as they did back in the […]

  • mophie-1


    Mophie Spacestation is One Crazy Clever Battery Pack

    We liked what we saw last year when Mophie released their Space Pack, an iPhone case that had both an external battery pack and external storage space. This year, Mophie is sharing the love with everyone by introducing the Mophie Spacestation, a combo battery pack and external hard drive that will work with just about […]

  • DSC07541

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    Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 Review

    We got a look at the brand new Mophie Juice Pack Air battery case for the iPhone 6 at CES this year, the latest in Mophie’s long line of external battery packs. Well, the Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 is now available. Because as much as you probably love your iPhone 6, it just […]

  • unnamed (2)


    BeautyBolt is a Makeup Mirror that Charges Your Phone

    Selfie time? When is it not? If you need to look your best for a prime photo op, check out the BeautyBolt Compact Mirror Power Station, a compact makeup mirror that doubles as an external battery pack. It’s practically two mirrors in one—the pink surface has been polished to that much of a sheen. If nothing […]

  • DSC00638

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    Incipio OffGrid Smart Portable USB Battery Charger Review

    Sure, we live in the future, but portable battery chargers are still an essential accessory for any techie. Incipio’s latest 6,000 mAh portable battery charger is the first to put itself in the smart category. The OffGrid Smart packs a lot of battery and can charge two devices at once. Its smart status comes from […]

  • screenshot_93


    Luxurious Power Clutch Will Keep You Going All Day

    If you’re looking for a nice new summertime clutch, it doesn’t get any more sunny than this new Infinity Power Clutch from Sabrina Zeng. And, as all good fashion accessories should these days, this clutch will help keep your devices alive throughout the day, too. The Infinity Power Clutch, first and foremost, is a beautiful […]

  • DSC03237


    Razor Plus is a Razor Thin Aluminum Battery Pack

    External battery packs get bigger, and they get smaller. The MyCharge Razor Plus is a great example – a pretty healthy 3,000 mAh battery stuffed into a thin, sleek case. But, it might be speed, not size, that really sets the Razor Plus apart. The external battery pack has two proprietary technologies inside that make […]

  • screenshot_2002

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    TYLT Energi 3K+ Lighting Battery Pack Review

    TYLT’s Energi series is their latest series of battery packs with built in charging cables to connect to your phone. But from amongst this new lineup, their Energi 3K might just be the biggest crowd pleaser since it offers two full smartphone charges, in a compact body. The Energi 3K is available with a built-in […]

  • screenshot_1991


    Danbo is a Cardboard Robot that Moonlights as a Battery Pack

    Well, that’s nice, Danbo is always cute. The little cardboard robot that could, for sale in the form of yet another little knick-knack — wait, what’s that? 6,000 mAh battery? Oh, OK then. Attention given. This is Danbo the cardboard robot’s head, but there’s way more going on in this head than just air and […]

  • DSC06928

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    Mophie Powerstation XL 12,000 mAh Portable Battery Pack

    Ever heard of a portable battery pack that could get your phone through a week of charging? Mophie is calling their Powerstation XL the “longest lasting universal battery available today”. This isn’t your every day portable battery, it’s a brick of 12,000 mAh that’s capable of charging two USB devices at full speed, including tablets. […]

  • DVSabePowerBank_03_640x

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    Luke, I Am Your Battery Charger

    Just when you though that battery packs were all the same boring old bricks, this comes along. So au contre mon frère – this is no ordinary portable battery charger – instead, the force is with this one. The Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber powers up your mobile devices while scaring the living daylights out […]

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    Incipio OffGRID Portable Backup Battery Review

    We would all like to have longer battery life for our smartphones, and there is nothing worse than having a dead battery and no place to charge it. We recently reviewed the OffGRID Thin Battery Case from Incipio, but that is not the ideal solution for everyone. So here is another great option from Incipio, […]