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  • Sony_Best Buy Magnolia_Hi-Res Listening Station


    Sony and Best Buy Team Up to Create Hi-Res Audio Listening Centers

    Sony has been actively promoting the idea of hi-res audio since the re-release of the Walkman as a high-end audiophile product last year. Sony’s concept of hi-res audio includes high bitrate playback of uncompressed music files, along with more powerful amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters. They’ve made a couple players with that have earned the hi-res […]

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    Best Buy Offers Free Born This Way CD with Phone Purchases

    Best Buy Mobile has announced a special promotion which offers customers a free Born This Way CD with the purchase of any postpaid mobile phone, along with a 2 year contract. The offer runs from May 22nd through May 28th. Also, anyone who purchases one of their three featured smartphones will receive both a physical […]

  • nexuss


    Google Nexus S Becomes Official and a Best Buy Exclusive

    The rumored Google Nexus S flagship phone from Google has finally been revealed. The handset runs Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and packs in both front and rear facing cameras, Voice Actions, a Gyroscope, 16GB of internal memory, a 1ghz processor, and finally, it’s the world’s first phone to sport a 4” Contour Display. Starting December 16th, […]

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    Toshiba Announces Satellite L635 Kids PC a Best Buy Exclusive

    Well it looks like Toshiba is throwing its hat in the ring of kid friendly computers. Today they announced the Satellite L635 Kids’ PC, Toshiba’s first kid-centric laptop design, that will exclusively be available at Best Buy. Best Buy and Toshiba collaboratively worked on the design of the Satellite L635 Kids’ PC which incorporates a […]

  • screenshot_25


    Geek Squad Summer Academy Offers Young Women a Chance to Geek Out

    Geek Squad Summer Academy is a multi-day summer camp where kids get hands-on opportunities to learn about technology along side with Geek Squad Agents. Now in its 4th year, the idea for a Geek Squad Summer Academy originated from one female Geek Squad Agent, Moira Hardek, who wanted to encourage more young women to be […]

  • Woman_holding_controls_7827


    Best Buy Discovers That Women Buy Lots of Gadgets

    We thought it was old news by now that women are big shoppers, especially and potentially when it comes to electronics. But apparently, it’s only recently that Best Buy realized that so many women like to buy gadgets! It turns out that women spend about 85% of the disposable income in the U.S. According to […]

  • Samsung_R-series_notebooks


    Samsung’s Multimedia Notebooks Make Their Way to Best Buy

    It took years for Samsung to start selling their stylish laptops in the United States. But even once they became available in the U.S., pretty much the only place you could find them was online. If you’re like us, you probably like to see a laptop in person before shelling out your hard earned cash […]

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    Best Buy Mobile Tour

    This week we were invited to visit one of Best Buy Mobile’s retail locations in New York City in order to learn more about the store and what it has to offer. Personally, I had briefly visited the store a few years back when Best Buy Mobile first opened up, but it wasn’t until today […]

  • orockr

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    Oakley’s O ROKR PRO MP3 Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

    The likelihood of water mixing with oil is very improbable because of the chemical composition of both of these liquids; Equate that same theory with the infamous internationally renown Oakley eye wear giant and one of the top telecommunication icons, Motorola teaming up and perhaps you’re left scratching your head. However, in as far as […]