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    Tech Out Your Two Wheels: Best Bike Gadgets

    The bike is back, and why not? Few things in life beat the feeling of satisfaction you get when you blow your way past a stack of cars filled with frustrated drivers on your two wheels. Makes up for all the times you want to snatch some paint with your keys when the bike lane […]

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    6 Awesome Designer Bicycles

    Sell that old clunker. You don’t need to be putting any more money into gasoline. Just look at those pump prices. And the insurance costs, just forget it. But you know, walking is too slow, and maybe public transport isn’t the most convenient for you. It happens. If only there was a mode of transportation […]

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    Vanhulsteijn Cyclone Bicycle Defies Gravity

    The Vanhulsteijn Cyclone bicycle scares us, and it’s not just its $2300 price tag that gets us all shaken up. Instead it is its design that seems to defy gravity that just makes us shudder. Would you trust long bumpy rides on this bicycle?

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    G by GUESS Introduces Retro Inspired Bikes

    Puma has done it, Urban outfitters has done it, and now GUESS is doing it too. The apparel company has produced two special limited edition bikes, just in time for the warm weather. These bikes are designed to fit in with the laid back California vibe of the G by GUESS collection. 

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    Thrust Electric Eco-Delivery Bikes Saves the Earth and Delivers Pizza

    When you think Pizza, you think of bicycles – naturally? Well at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas last week; yes, there actually is such a convention, Thrust Electric Bikes launched its ECO-DELIVERY Electric Bikes.  Thrust Electric ECO-DELIVERY Electric Bikes eliminate insurance and gasoline costs, provide emissions-free deliveries, and enable faster delivery times.

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    iBike Dash Transforms the iPhone into a Cycling Computer

    I think we are all ready to dust off our bicycles and hit the streets for some springtime fun, and the iBike Dash CC (Cycling Computer), is just what the doctor ordered. The iBike Dash CC is a light-weight wireless bicycle computer system that transforms any iPhone or iPod touch into your own personal fitness […]

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    8 Speed Transmission Electric Bike with Built-in Odometer

    If you are an avid bike rider, than I’m sure you will appreciate the Eight-Speed Transmission Electric Bicycle from Hammacher Schlemmer. If you like to climb hills alot with your bike and seem to loose steam while pumping away at the pedals, the transmission electric bicycle has an 8 speed transmission built into the horizontal […]