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    You Need to Check Out This Bicycle Made Out of Whisky Barrels

    This might be the only time when combining booze with bicycles is OK! Not wanting good wood to go to waste, upscale bike manufacturer Renovo decided to let Scottish whisky experts Glenmorangie know that their old whisky barrels could find new life in their workshops. The result is the Glenmorangie Original, a gorgeous bike built […]

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    Bart Simpson Now Has an Official Bicycle, and You Can Buy It

    The pedal power of State Bicycle Co. is meeting the peddle power of The Simpsons. The two are joining forces to create a whole line of Simpsons-themed bikes and accessories. Hey, it’s not skateboards, but we’re not complaining. The marquee additions are the Chromoly steel bikes patterned after the show. The Color Block bike has a white […]

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    Good Airless Tires For Your Bike Could Be Here Soon

    The idea of airless tires is great — flats don’t happen to any one person that often, but when they do, they can make for awful experiences, especially if they happen outside of the city. In the world of bicycles, we’ve seen attempts at airless tires before, but up until now, we’ve mostly seen solutions that don’t […]

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    I Rode the Vanhawks Valour Smart Bicycle and I Liked it

    You can have a conversation with your iPhone, your car can give you directions to the nearest sushi joint, and your fridge can send tweets — so why is your bike still stuck in the dark ages? In this world of smart everything, where everyone is racing to get every gadget, appliance, and vehicle connected […]