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    Bing in the Classroom Brings Free Surface Tablets to Schools

    For all the talk of bringing technology into the classroom, there hasn’t been enough done to make that technology optimized for classroom use. One big area where that’s true is filtering and security – after all, allowing a bunch of preteens and teenagers unrestricted Internet access on school grounds might not always turn out well. […]

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    Bing It On Challenge: Which Search Engine is For You?

    Coke vs. Pepsi. KFC vs. Popeye’s. These are just some of the central head-to-head rivalries in our life best settled by blind taste tests. Microsoft would like to add Bing vs. Google to that list, too,  and has introduced a blind taste test of its own – the Bing It On Challenge. The Bing It […]

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    Next Generation Lexus Enform (2013) Speaks Bing’s Language

    The new Lexus GS series doesn’t just offer the prowess of a cheetah on the road, but it also fully embraces its tech side with the next generation of the Lexus Enform. Just like with OnStar, Ford Sync and Cadillac Cue, the Lexus Enform system looks to expand your experience within your Lexus GS vehicle by […]