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    The Year in Tech: The Big Get Bigger and Machines Get Smarter

    Looking back, 2017 seems like a momentous year for tech. But, if it is, it’s only because of the even more dramatic effects we could see in the years to come because of what happened this year. A lot of the tech stories we saw this year could completely transform society in the years to […]

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    Desperate Greeks Look to Bitcoin for Euro Alternative

    Money is hard to come by in Greece. Soaring unemployment made it hard to earn, and now what money Greeks have is being locked up in banks, with capital controls going into effect earlier this week ahead of a possible default on a €1.6 billion loan payment owed to the IMF. Limits on how much […]

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    5 Things We Learned About the Future of Finance at MoneyConf

    This week in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a meeting of the financial minds pulled in leaders from the world of banking and bitcoin alike to discuss the future of money. MoneyConf, a sister conference of the burgeoning Web Summit hosted annually in Dublin, wrapped up its debut event today in an intentionally ironically run-down warehouse inside […]