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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Chat Even More with LiveProfile

    BlackBerry phones have yet another instant messaging service, in LiveProfile. The good news is, it looks to be one of the better ones. It has a sleek, easy to navigate UI that is blissfully free of clutter, while maintaining the standard stable of instant messaging goodies.

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Travel Easy With the BlackBerry Travel

    If you’re surrounded by a swarm of vicious, constantly biting travel bugs, or you’ve got frequent business abroad, the BlackBerry Travel App promises to make things a little easier on you. It’s an itinerary manager that keeps your trips straight, while allowing you to search for new airfares, hotels and transportation.

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: BlackBerry Radio is the Ultimate Radio App

    Slacker Radio, Pandora, iHeartRadio; the list of radio apps out there goes on and on and on. Don’t know how to choose? If you’ve got a BlackBerry, forget the choosing and just download BlackBerry Radio. It works with the most popular radio apps, streaming stations from Slacker, iHeartRadio, and many others.