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    Levitating Death Star Speaker is Strong With The Force

    Star Wars fans are about to be very happy. Heck, anyone that likes cool-looking gadgets will be quite pleased as well. There is a new levitating Star Wars Death Star speaker, and to say it is only awesome would hardly do it justice. In addition to just looking super cool it will astonish everyone as it […]

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    JBL’s Everest Headphones Will Map Your Ear Canals

    We first listened to the new JBL Everest headphones at IFA in September, where we celebrated the high-end Everest Elite 700 wireless over-ear headphones as one of our favorites at the show. At the time, launch was limited to Europe, but JBL is announcing today that the new line of wireless headphones and earphones will […]

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    Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Review

    With its unique shape and powerful sound, the Zeppelin Air from Bowers & Wilkins quickly became a best-selling iPod dock. Nearly eight years later, Bowers has retooled their popular Zeppelin speaker to be more in line with the connected home of 2015. The Zeppelin Wireless packs in not only AirPlay, like before, but Bluetooth and even […]

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    Aiwa is Back From the Dead

    In what I can only assume is the culmination of a decade-long plot by Sony to milk Aiwa for brand nostalgia by killing it and resurrecting it nine years later, we have new Aiwa stuff! You might remember Aiwa as an electronics company big into audio equipment before business dried up and they were bought […]

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    Alpine Over Ear Headphone Review: Music You Can Feel

    Alpine, a well known audio company in the auto industry, has just released a bold-looking pair of over-ear headphones. It’s their very first pair of over-ear headphones! These futuristic headphones sport a one-of-a-kind appearance, and also a one-of-a-kind set of features. There’s a built-in powered amplifier (which is optional for music playing), a bass transducer […]

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    Philips FL3X is the Contortionist of Bluetooth Speakers

    Philips has a brand new portable Bluetooth speaker for CES 2015. It’s called the FL3X, and true to its name, it’s a flexible little speaker that you can wear easily around your wrist. The FL3X is a small, round speaker with a wristband attached to it. The rubberized sides of the speaker can be pulled […]

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    Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

    Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to bluetooth headphones; Jabra has done an excellent job of proving this to us with their new Jabra Move Wireless On-Ear headphones. We can only assume they’re called the Moves because they’re designed for people on the move. They’re lightweight and durable with a rock and roll attitude. […]

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    Samsung Level Box Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Samsung has worked their way into yet another popular market: portable bluetooth speakers. The new Samsung Level Box is a beautiful looking portable Bluetooth speaker with a 15 hour battery, NFC pairing, and built-in speakerphone. Samsung knows how to market, but do they know how to build a portable speaker? Read on to see how […]

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    Plantronics BackBeat Pro Bluetooth Headphones Review

    You’ve just stumbled upon a review for the best over-ear bluetooth noise canceling headphones out there. Bold words, I know. The Plantronics BackBeat Pros are loaded with features and rock-hard quality. Here’s a quick list of highlights: they’re bluetooth with NFC pairing, they can stream wireless audio for 24 hours straight(!), they have top notch […]

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    Synchros Reflect Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review

    Everything about JBL’s Synchros Reflect Headphones amount to what should be an amazing pair of headphones. They’re wireless bluetooth with a 5 hour battery. They are sweat resistant so you can give them your best at the gym. They even have a built in microphone and ControlTalk buttons so you can make and take phone […]

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    Monster’s SuperStar Portable Speaker is Pocket Sized Perfection: Review

    This is the speaker you want this summer. Monster nailed it with their pocket sized bluetooth speaker. The Monster SuperStar is the World’s Smallest Audiophile speaker, according to Monster. It’s capable of cranking out some serious sound for it’s size. It’s water resistant, micro-USB rechargeable with a nice sized battery, and … colors! The Monster […]

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    Jabra Stealth Takes on Jawbone’s ERA Bluetooth Headset

    At CE Week in New York, Jabra unveiled their latest in wireless sound, showing off a brand new Bluetooth headset and a set of active wireless earphones. More than anything, Jabra would like you to completely forget about their new products—after you put them on, of course. Both the Jabra Stealth and Jabra Step Wireless […]

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    Bespoke Clothing Retailer Ted Baker Takes on the Audio Business

    Another day, another Bluetooth speaker. It seems to be a common trend these days. So much so, that even high-end luxury retailers are still continuing to try their hand at it. Enter Ted Baker, a UK clothing retailer who has refined, and redesigned what they perceive a Bluetooth speaker and headphones should look like. The […]