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    Canada Has Been Enjoying Boozy Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream This Summer

    Chalk up yet another sweet treat that Canada gets to lord over our heads. First they get the Oreo-filled Cadbury Eggs, and now they’ve got a whole line of booze-flavored Häagen-Dazs ice cream that they’ve been enjoying since at least May. It’s just not fair! Don’t miss NEW Häagen-Dazs SPIRITS – exträaordinary combinations of decadent desserts […]

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    15 Accessories To Help Smuggle Your Booze Magnificently

    In one of the great tragedies of our time, society has concluded that we’re not capable of the self-control needed to bring alcoholic beverages with us wherever we go. If you’re looking to smuggle your booze to make a museum a little more exciting, save a few bucks at a music show, or you’re really […]

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    The Levitating Cup is Going to Disrupt Coasters So Hard

    Is there no industry safe from the wanton disruption of the tech industry? Even the humble and often very decorative coaster is under attack from the technical wizardry behind the Levitating Cup. After all, cups can’t leave rings on the wood when they never actually touch the table to begin with! So yeah, the Levitating […]

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    eBay Enters the Booze Business with eBay Wine

    Get your wallets on lockdown, because eBay is about to get dangerous. The online retailer now has an entire section of their site dedicated to delivering the finest wines from the around the world. Browse eBay Wine enough, and you might even be able to say things like “strong on the nose” and “floral notes” […]

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    North Korea Claims to Have Created Hangover-Free Liquor

    Perhaps in an effort to mollify the international community after its claims of a successful test of a hydrogen bomb, North Korea is now claiming that some of their researchers have modified a kind of liquor made from ginseng to not cause hangovers. The two claims are equally believable. The Pyongyang Times, a state-run news […]

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    MixStik Uses LED Lights and an App to Make the Perfect Cocktail

    Usually we shy away from Kickstarter projects around here, but when we come across such an elegant combination of simplicity and booze, we can hardly look the other way. MixStik managed to shake up IFA, giving us a new and easy way to make pretty good cocktails. Not perfect cocktails, mind you — pouring booze […]