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    Cairn App Helps Users Find Cell Coverage in the Wilderness

    Cairns have long been welcome sights for hikers and mountaineers — stacks of stones that fellow explorers leave behind to mark trails and help keep others from getting lost. Appropriate name, then, for this new app that marks spots with cellular coverage in the great outdoors, helping lost or injured hikers find places where they […]

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    FieldCandy Tents Look So Delicious, a Bear Will Eat it

    It’s getting warm outside, the sun is shining, and the bugs are starting to bite your exposed skin. So you know what that means? It’s time for camping season to begin. I’m not a big fan of camping at all, but if I was camping out in a cool tent, I might just reconsider. Remember […]

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    Portable Chair with Speakers is the Best Summer Gadget Ever

    Forget the solar powered chargers, the waterproof iPhone cases, and the rugged splash proof watches, this portable chair with speakers has got to be the best summer gadget ever! So forget packing along some ordinary folding chair for your next beach or camping excursion, instead pick up the Sharper Image’s Portable Chair with Speakers. Then […]