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    Case-Mate Rolls Out Trendy BlackBerry Bold 9900 Cases

    The BlackBerry Bold 9900 series with the new BlackBerry 7 OS might not have rolled out onto store shelves yet, but that hasn’t stopped Case-Mate from prepping cases for the new devices. Case-Mate has come out with a slew of new cases, a few of which are quite trendy – and feminine. The cases range […]

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    Case-Mate Creatures Will Dress up the iPhone 4 for Halloween

    Case-Mate has come out with a new collection of six adorable and very quirky iPhone 4 cases. The new Creatures collection is fun, whimsical, and down-right adorable. The creatures include three monsters that are perfect for Halloween, as well as three  adorable animals. There is Tit – a mummy, Monsta – a goofy spooky monster, […]

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    Case-Mate Releases $300 Titanium iPhone 4 Case

    Case-Mate has come out with a very pricey iPhone 4 case, and it’s not made of gold, nor is it covered in Swarovski crystals. Instead, this bumper-style case is made of Titanium. The Titanium iPhone 4 case “combines detailed precision work with premium materials by physically reframing the iPhone with a genuine titanium edge.” In […]

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    Case-Mate Releases First Samsung Infuse 4G Cases

    Case-Mate seems to charging ahead of the competition when it comes to making new cases for a phone that was just released. The Samsung Infuse 4G is the latest gadget to be fitted for a Case-Mate suit. The Barely There case will be available for the Infuse, which seems fitting. I mean shouldn’t the thinnest […]

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    Case-Mate’s iPhone 4 Green Reptile Barely There Case Review

    Case-Mate’s Green Reptile was made from Godzilla himself. Alright, it wasn’t really made from Godzilla, nor was it made of any other green reptile for that matter–but the texturized shell looks and feels pretty convincing.The green skin wraps all the way around the back and sides of the case and the inside is a soft […]

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    Case-Mate I Make My Case Now Available for BlackBerry

    Why should the iPhone take all the spotlight when it comes to cases and accessories! As of today, I Make My Case from Case-Mate is also available for the BlackBerry 8520 and 9700 BlackBerry models. I Make My Case allows users to create their own original composition by re-mixing the designs of internationally-renowned graphic artists, […]