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    These Watches Are Covered in the Fur of YOUR Pets

    Look, pets shed a lot. You could store all that fur in your vacuum, but what if you could make use of it? We’ve all had that thought, right? Analog Watch Co. definitely did — they’re more than willing to take in bags of animal hair and make watches out of it. As befits your beloved […]

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    Finally, an App to Make Your Cat Take Good Pictures

    As has become well-known, developing a solid social media game for your cat is an excellent way to secure at least a couple years of steady income from the internet. Up until now, that’s been reserved for the lucky few who have been blessed with cooperative cats, but boy is that market ripe for disruption. […]

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    Cat-Opoly is the Most Purrfect Version of Monopoly Yet

    It may be that no board game has ever had as many variations as Monopoly. Granted, they’re not so much variations as they are reskins, but it’s hard not to appreciate all the little special edition tokens that come along for the ride (we’re partial to the Coach set). Today, we’ve caught wind of an […]

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    This Feline is the World’s Oldest Cat at Age 30

    We have a new reigning feline sage. Guinness has confirmed that they’ve found the oldest known living cat in Mansfield, Texas — a 30-year old Siamese cat named Scooter. Born in 1986, Scooter is possibly the only cat alive today that was around for the series finale of the original Knight Rider. Scooter just celebrated his 30th […]

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    You Can Now Get Cat Ears on Your Motorcycle Helmet

    What can’t cat ears improve? This was the question asked by Russian company Nitrinos motostudio when they made their Neko Helmets, road-safe motorcycle helmets that just happen to have a pair of cat ears sticking out of the top. Impractical? Yeah. Do we love them anyway? Of course! Since introducing the helmets in 2011 (we […]

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    These Cat Ear Headphones are Purrfect

    So, we’ve seen cat era headphones around these parts before, but these new ones on sale at Urban Outfitters are maybe not as (literally) outgoing as the last ones we looked at. Hey, sometimes you want to show off your affection for the feline kind without going all out! You might want to treat these […]

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    Best iPhone Case Ever Is A Cat Flipping The Bird

    It was a long road we took to get here, but we’ve finally arrived at the top. We’ve found the one iPhone case by which all others will be judged. It’s not the most protective case or the most pocket-friendly case, but none of that matters because it is in the shape of a cat […]

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    Cat Ear Headphones Are Purrrfect For Sharing Music

    We like to keep on top of cat ear technology around here, which, fortunately for us, is a pretty easy job. But it looks like we’ve been slacking, because these Cat Ear Headphones somehow sneaked past us, going from Indiegogo to the hallowed halls of Brookstone before finally catching our eyes. These feline headphones are […]

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    Your Cat Will Look Delicious in the Cat Can Scratcher

    Normally, I think giving your cat the false promise of tuna would be an express ticket to bodily harm for you, but she might forgive you for this one. The Cat Can Scratcher is a scratching post that doubles as a naptime hideaway—the love of those two things come close to matching cats’ love of […]

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    Shark Cat Bed is Begging to Star in a Cat Video

    If cats don’t like water, I can only imagine what their feelings about sharks are. One enterprising designer, however, seeks to forge an unlikely friendship between the two, turning the jaws of a shark into a safe and welcoming place for our feline friends. The Shark Cat Bed is a soft, comfy cat bed in […]

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    Now This is a REALLY Grumpy Cat

    For all I know, we might be looking at the figurative and literal Grumpy Cat killer. The old Grumpy Cat can’t hold a candle to this guy, who puts a little bit more contempt into his grumpiness. This cat was captured in all his fury by photographer Rob Bahou, who apparently and inexplicably survived the […]

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    Meow Mix Brings Kickstarter to Cats with Catstarter

    This time around, stretch goals just refer to what your cat will be doing in bliss in that one spot under the window after trying out one of these new gadgets. Meow Mix is booting up Cat Starter, a new contest to see which of three cat-friendly products will be brought into reality, to the […]