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    Dell’s XPS 13 is the World’s Smallest Laptop

    Dell is announcing its smallest in the world 13″ laptop, XPS 13. It has a beautifully brimming edge-to-edge display that looks as borderless as an infinity pool. This little guy can keep going on one full charge for 15 hours due to its slender physique, all the while maintaining some killer functionality. Utilizing Windows 8.1, […]

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    Zolt Laptop Charger: One To Charge Them All

    Once upon a time we had a dream: One charger to rule them all. That dream has become something of a reality in smartphone land, with the micro USB and Apple’s lightning port becoming ubiquitous for power amongst most mobile devices (after a law in Europe that has insisted that providers have a universal standard) . […]

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    Mr. Marinator is an All-In-One Marinating Machine

    What looks like a sideways water fountain spins nonstop, fleshy mounds of meat battering against the liquid that sloshes around the container. The brand associate, Sheri McKinley, tells me that this machine is the Mr. Marinator, an all in one marinating machine that makes your meat flavorful in under 15 minutes. “It’s so you don’t […]

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    LG G Flex 2: First Non-Stock Android Phone to Run Lollipop

    A year after debuting their first curved smartphone, the G Flex, at CES 2014, LG is introducing the follow-up at CES 2015. The LG G Flex 2 is smaller, stronger, and much more powerful, even if we’re still not totally sure why it’s curved. But hey, distinctiveness is its own reward. Impressively, the LG G […]

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    We Pick the Best of CES 2015

    CES 2015 has come and gone, and the tone has been set for the consumer electronics world for the rest of the year. But, only a select few had the goods to really impress us this year. We’ve been through the innumerable booths at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Strip to bring you […]

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    9 Things We Love About the Yoga 3 Pro

    And that might be the most glowing recommendation of all—notebooks aren’t the trendiest devices out there today, but we’ve still managed to find 10 things that make the Yoga 3 Pro stand out. Of course, this isn’t your average notebook—it’s the refinement of the 2-in-1 concept that the Yoga line has come to define. The […]

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    Monster’s Greatest Hits at CES 2015

    Here at CES 2015, Monster had just as strong of a showing as anyone, giving us a look at some great new products they have in store for us this year. With new brand partnerships, new audio products, and the same great sound, it’s looking like a promising 2015 for the audio company, which is […]

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    HTC Brings YouTube Livestreaming to their RE Camera

    The HTC RE, the periscope-like action cam, is getting a major upgrade in functionality—starting tomorrow, Android users will be able to livestream video from the RE to their YouTube channel. The Android version of the app will be getting an update including the new livestreaming functionality, which should go live on Google Play tomorrow. Using […]

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    MommyTech TV – Johnny 5 is Real Kids!

    Wondering what happened to Erector sets? The building toy was low-key for a while before bursting onto the stage at CES this year with Meccanoid. That’s right—the kids of today will be building robots with their Erector sets. In fact, this one look likes the real Johnny 5 (the robot from the movie Short Circuit […]

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    Sony Drops New 4K TV That’s Thinner Than Your Phone

    Which phone? I don’t think it matters. I don’t think any phone is thinner than 4.9 mm. That’s how thick the XBR X900C TV is, one of the many new 4K TVs Sony unveiled for 2015 at CES. The X900C is the attention-grabber of the bunch, with a frame so thin it’s kind of hard […]

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    Samsung Goes All-Out With Luxury TV Designed By Yves Behar

    Let it not be said that Samsung spares any expense when it comes to CES. This year, they trotted out the S9W, an 82″ TV and part of Samsung’s new premium SUHD line of televisions. The SUHD line is riding to battle on the back of vastly improved color performance and contrast, the S9W has […]