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    How Much Smartphone Time Should Your Kids Really Be Having?

    It’s a fast-changing world out there, and that’s especially true for parents. Kids today are digital natives — a rare example of a buzzword actually having some heft to it. Children born after the introduction of the world wide web in the early ’90s were born into a world of readily accessible knowledge, information, entertainment […]

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    2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Review

    When it’s time to dive into CES every year, there are some things we come to expect and accept. One of those things is CES traffic, which takes normally bad traffic on and near the Las Vegas Strip and mutates it into something that (might) even make Los Angeles wince. What we’re saying is, if […]

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    Satechi’s Type-C Hub is a Must-Have For 12″ MacBook Users

    Ask and receive — one of our biggest complaints about the 12″ MacBook was its obstinate lack of ports besides a single USB Type-C port, requiring adapters to do pretty much anything requiring a peripheral or external storage. There weren’t many Type-C adapters at launch, but eventually, Satechi delivered with a Type-C Hub that included […]

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    Zagg Creates a Pair of Bluetooth Earphones Designed For The Office

    Usually when we see Bluetooth earphones, we’re expecting something tailor-made for running and going to the gym. That’s not what Zagg had in mind with their new Flex Arc — this Bluetooth neckband is made for the office, and has some pretty cool features to prove it. Earphones and headphones aren’t always ideal, because you […]

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    Dash And Dot Are Robot Companions For Little Kids

    It’s never too early to get kids started on coding — not that they have to become developers, but it sure doesn’t hurt to give them the knowledge base! Last year, Wonder Workshop wowed us with Dash and Dot, two robot companions for kids ages six to ten that teach coding concepts in a fun, […]

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    Whirlpool’s Kitchen Of The Future Can Think For Itself

    What’s the future of the kitchen? It seems like we hear a different answer every year come CES. At CES 2016, Andrea Smith talked with Shannon Blakely of Whirlpool about some of the guiding principles the company is using to guide the development of the appliances of the future. Whirlpool is focusing on smart technology, […]

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    LG’s Styler Is Perfect For Those Who Hate Ironing

    LG showed off a lot of cool, innovative ideas at CES 2016, including their rollable display, but we haven’t forgotten about their appliances! They might not have the pop of a paper-thin display, but LG’s appliances are making life easier for families everywhere. LG kept up the good work at CES 2016, and Dave VanderWaal […]

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    Sensel Morph Looks Like a Boring Touchpad, But It’s So Much More

    At first glance, the Sensel Morph appear to be a really big peripheral touchpad. But, there’s some exciting technology inside this thing that turns it into a control platform that can be used by musicians, artists, and designers alike. On a basic level, Morph employs the same kind of technology that Apple has implemented with […]

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    Meccanoid Isn’t Just a Robot, It’s a Robotic Dinosaur

    Last year, Spinmaster showed MommyTech TV one of the coolest toys at CES in Meccanoid, a robot built from an Erector set and a simple robotic brain. Not only were kids able to get acquainted with building and programming, they got a singing, dancing robot buddy for their troubles. Spinmaster returned to CES 2016 with […]

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    “A” Speaker Directs Sound at You Like a Beam of Light

    When I was about a foot away from Akoustic Arts‘ A speaker at CES 2016, I could barely hear the music it was playing — and that was a good thing. After flying under the radar at CES 2015, this unconventional speaker caught our eyes (and barely our ears) this year, with technology that allows […]

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    Are Baby Gadgets The Next Hot Category In Tech?

    No one’s too young for some good connected tech! CES 2016 had plenty of gadgets to help parents keep their babies healthy and happy, and Julia Wang from The Bump was on the show floor this year to find the best of the best. She talked with Rebecca Levey of MommyTech TV about the top […]

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    BoomStick Makes Cheap Headphones Sound a Lot Better

    One of the more intriguing audio products at CES 2016 was the BoomStick, a dongle that does some pretty impressive things to the cheapest of headphones and earphones. But, as the people at BoomCloud 360 made clear, this is no mere headphone amplifier, and after giving it a try for a few weeks, they’re right. […]

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    WowWee CHiP is the Robotic Dog We’ve Been Waiting For

    At CES 2016, we met CHiP, the latest pup in the wide world of robotic dogs. CHiP knows plenty of tricks, like sitting and playing soccer, but it turns out there’s a lot more going on in this 21st century pet. Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV sat down with Sydney Wiseman of WowWee to talk […]

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    MommyTech TV Talks The Hottest Trends At CES 2016

    CES 2016 is behind us, and the world’s largest tech tradeshow was bigger than ever this year, with more gadgets and ideas than any one person could possibly cover. Good thing we have four! MommyTech TV returned to Vegas for this year’s CES, with hosts Andrea Smith and Rebecca Levey joined by Judie Stanford of […]

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    Our Top Picks of CES 2016

    No slowing down for the world’s largest technology expo — one week and more than 170,000 people later, CES 2016 has passed leaving far more tech than anyone could possibly cover in its wake. We did our best, and good thing, because like always, there were loads of terrific new products on the way in […]