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    CMRA is the Camera your Apple Watch Doesn’t Need

    Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch came with a camera, and it was sort of useless. Now, CMRA is doubling up on cameras and delivering not one, but two, cameras to the Apple Watch. CMRA is a watch band for the Apple Watch that is compatible with any model and any size. It adds a 2MP […]

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    LoveHandles Make Your Phone Even Sexier

    LoveHandles are a good thing… on your phone at least! The simplistic LoveHandle is a grip for your smartphone that allows you to be much safer and versatile with your device. The LoveHandle Smartphone Grip adheres to basically any smartphone with a flat surface. It uses a strong removable no-residue 3M adhesive and attaches a […]

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    Learn Yoga from the Alexa-Enabled Lynx Robot

    The trend this CES was “Alexa-enabled devices”, and the Lynx Robot by UBTech was one of our favorites. The miniature humanoid is loaded up with technology and the Alexa-integration is actually just the start of it. Lynx is equipped with facial, image, and voice recognition, emotion detection, and movements that are so lifelike it can […]

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    The Top Tech Trends of 2017

    CES is a crazy place full of crazy people showing off crazy things. It’s fun but tiring, hectic but interesting. More importantly, it’s a barometer — it sets the tone for consumer tech for the rest of the year. So, what caught our eye? What are the ten trends we saw at the show that […]

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    Harman’s Connected Car of the Future Might Foretell the End of Car Ownership

    Wondering why Samsung decided to buy Harman for $8 billion? Here’s why. After demonstrating their LIVS (Life-enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution) connected car platform at CES last year, Harman showed off an improved demo with a new Rinspeed prototype at this year’s show, and it’s becoming clear that Harman has an ambitious vision of the future of cars. […]

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    TCL Teases a New BlackBerry Smartphone Named Mercury

    Last year, we saw BlackBerry release one last phone, the DTEK50, before announcing that the company would no longer design and manufacture its own hardware, opting to focus on software and security. When the DTEK50 was released, we (along with many others) noticed a striking resemblance to the Alcatel Idol 4 and 4S, a phone […]

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    Trip the Light Fantastic with the JBL Pulse 3 Pulsating Speaker

    Every JBL Pulse speaker has been a sight to see, but their new Pulse 3 is even more beautiful then ever. What other speaker includes a 360 degree synchronized lightshow?! JBL Pulse 3 is now IPX7 waterproofed. It’s a bluetooth speaker with big sound and a big 12 hour rechargeable battery. While the premise is […]

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    Make a Speaker Tower with the Modular aiFi Ai-1 Speaker

    We just experienced the aiFi speaker tower and have to admit: the aiFi Ai-1 is an impressive device. While we don’t expect any sane person to create their own 66 speaker tower, it was a really interesting demo to see how the speaker hive mind works. The Ai-1 speaker is a feature-rich bluetooth speaker as […]

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    The Top Picks of CES 2017

    As is tradition, the tech industry is ringing in the new year in Vegas. CES 2017 is just wrapping up, and we’ve been roaming the booths trying to find the coolest tech coming to store shelves this year and beyond. While this year had a heavy emphasis on smart home devices (Alexa controls your life […]

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    JBL Soundgear is a Wearable Speaker You Wear Around Your Neck

    You don’t know it yet, but you want a wearable speaker. Sounds a bit crazy, but think about this: how nice is it to listen to music without having headphones in your ear or on your ear? On the contrary, how nice is it keeping your music and tunes personal without bothering or including others […]

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    Make Your Dumb Trash Smarter with GeniCan

    Smarter homes are a trend here at CES 2017. We love the idea of making our stuff smarter, without necessarily needing to buy all new stuff. GeniCan allows you to make your regular trash can smart. How smart? The app will log all the items you throw away and help you effortlessly build a new grocery […]

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    Fossil Adding Thinner Hybrid Q Smartwatches This Spring

    Last year, Fossil started adding hybrid smartwatches to their Q line of wearables. Being analog watches with simple, user-friendly smart features, we found them to be much more fashionable and non-intrusive than full-on smartwatches. As much as we liked them, we still found the hybrid smartwatches a bit thicker than we expected — that’s changing in […]