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    Sony Bravia TV Marries the Internet in Vegas

    A trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without attending a wedding! Sony last week decided to throw the most lavish wedding at the Bellagio to celebrate the union of the Television and the Internet. The wedding took place fittingly enough during CES 2012. It might seem a little bit silly, but in all honesty […]

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    What Lies Ahead for AMD in 2012

    The past few months at AMD have been shaky. After laying off over 1500 employees, and bringing on a slew of new high ranking execs, many have been left wondering about the company’s future. We sat down with AMD’s Leslie Sobon during CES to talk about what lies ahead for AMD. It turns out that […]

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    M-Edge SuperShell Encourages You to Drop your iPad 2

    People tend to be pretty precious around their iPads, cradling them like a newborn child and carefully keeping them snug in a variety of pretty cases. The M-Edge SuperShell Cases changes all this as they actively encourage you to drop, bang and crash your precious iPad into all manner of things. When we gently dropped […]

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    The Best Gadgets of CES 2012

    Like a whirlwind, CES 2012 has came and went. As usual, this year’s show floor was full of technology wonders that you can expect to see more of within the coming months. But in the midst of the hot mess of new gadgets there were a couple of new electronics and technologies that especially stood […]

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    Rydeen Unveils Android-Powered In-Car Radio

    At CES 2012, Rydeen unveiled a head unit for cars that runs on Android. For those who don’t know, a head unit is the nice thing you have installed in your ’90s sedan so you can listen to CDs instead of being stuck with just the tape deck, and similar devices. Rydeen appears to have […]

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    BlackBerry Playbook Receiving Nice Update with OS 2.0

    Don’t disregard the BlackBerry Playbook just yet. BlackBerry will soon be releasing their next version of the Playbook software, OS 2.0. Playbook OS 2.0 will add big improvements with usability, multitasking, social integration, and a few other neat features. The interface is so nice and usable that most of us at Chip Chick actually prefer […]

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    Hands On with Kensington’s KeyLite Touch Folio for iPad

    We’ve just went hands on with Kensington’s new KeyLite Touch Keyboard Folio for iPad 2. iPad keyboard cases are not anything new to the market, but Kensington’s KeyLite happened to be one of the sleekest and best looking. The KeyLite Folio uses a Bluetooth touch-sensitive keyboard that’s waterproof and dustproof. Kensington’s KeyLite Folio will stand […]

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    The DiscoRobo from Tosy Hearts Music and Dance

    Not all robots are killer machines sent from the future (but they know who to blame for that marketing) as some are cuddly looking creatures that make your insides melt. Sure, the Tosy DiscoRobo might not really be smiling AT you, but with heart shaped LED eyes and a range of smile features, it sure […]

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    Toshiba Shows Off the Future with Concept Tablets

    Toshiba is showing off four interesting concept tablets here at CES. Who knows if we’ll ever see the tablets in broad daylight, but they’re fun to look at never-the-less. The most interesting Toshiba concept tab was the one that we saw floating in water. It’s a completely waterproof tablet. It functions normally underwater and is […]

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    Buffalo Gearing Up to Release First 802.11AC Wireless Router

    There’s a new WiFi standard in town, and soon to be in your home. 802.11AC will be the successor to the 802.11n WiFi standard, which you still may not have adopted. 802.11ac is about three times faster than 802.11n and transmits unmatched wireless speeds at 1300Mbps. Buffalo Technology, one of the leading names in storage […]

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    Hands On with Toshiba’s Excite 10″ Android Tablet

    Toshiba has just announced the world’s thinnest 10″ tablet, the Toshiba Excite X10. The Excite X10 is an Android Honeycomb tablet designed for durability and style. It features a high-quality magnesium alloy back with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display and an anti-smudge coating. The Excite uses a 10.1 inch LED backlit LCD display with a […]

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    Google Maps Floor Plans Get the Vegas Treatment

    Satnav devices are popular for a reason and many people find that Google Maps is the app they miss most when their cellphone runs out of juice. When attending a conference you sometimes wish they could map out the insides of buildings, as when you’re wandering aimlessly from faceless conference room to a meeting it’s […]

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    Polaroid Debuts Smart Camera, the First Dedicated Android Camera

    What happens when you ram an Android phone and a digital camera together, losing the calling plan in the process? You get the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera, a digital camera with a 3.2” widescreen touch display that runs Android. Announced this week at CES 2012, the Polaroid SC1630 combines low-end digital camera technology with smartphone […]