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    The HP Chromebook x360 Graduates from School, is Now Available to All

    After a successful stint in school, the HP Chromebook x360 is ready to take on the real world. Last week, HP announced that their 360-degree 2-in-1 Chromebook, once sold exclusively to schools as an Education Edition device, is now available to all. If you’re familiar with Chromebooks, you know the drill — this is a low-cost […]

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    Lenovo’s Lightweight New Chromebook Can Run Android Apps

    One of the biggest complaints about Chromebooks is that they run Chrome OS, which doesn’t allow users to install third-party programs. Recently, Google’s gone about fixing that by bringing the hybrid movement to Chromebooks. Some newer Chromebooks have 360-degree hinges and, more importantly, can run Android apps downloaded from Google Play — a feature that will […]

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    Lenovo Shows Off Their First Chromebooks

    Lenovo is finally getting into the Chromebook game, and they’re shaking it up a little in the process. They’re releasing two Chromebooks, one of which is one of the first Chromebooks we’ve seen that has a multimode build. It’s not quite a hybrid device, but it’s a little more flexible than your average laptop. The […]