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    ZIIIRO Takes the Pocketwatch into the 21st Century

    Few things class the place up more than a pocketwatch. But, if you’re not into the old-timey look, there’s now a pretty slick-looking modern pocketwatch from ZIIIRO that you can conspicuously wear around town. The ZIIIRO Titan is one of those timepieces that is just too hip to tell time the old-fashioned way. Instead, it […]

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    Philips SBD8100 Rotation Dock Speaker and Other New iPod Docks

    Philips also unveiled some stylish and compact iPod docks. The DC190 Contemporary iPod Docking Station & Alarm Clock has a neat mirrored finish for a display. It also has a convenient iPod dock that can fold in to the clock base when not in use. Other features include 20 FM radio presets and the ability […]