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    The Glitter Cappuccino is Just the Latest Colorful Espresso Drink to Brighten Up Instagram

    Many things exist for the ‘gram these days. National parks, cool old libraries, cute animals — and, maybe above all, coffee drinks! We’ve seen some wild ones recently, mostly from Starbucks (including one that they miiight have pilfered from someone else), but the shiniest one is no doubt the newest one! A cafe chain in Mumbai, India called Coffee […]

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    McDonald’s Updates Their McCafe Menu to Be More Like Starbucks

    If you think Starbucks is overpriced, well, there are a lot of other options. But, if you’re looking for an option that is both cheaper and as convenient as Starbucks, McDonald’s is looking more and more like they want to fill that niche. Their in-location coffee station, McCafe, is getting a relaunch of sorts with a […]

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    Luke from Gilmore Girls is Starting His Own Coffee Brand

    Is a diner on the way? Well, hopefully the Lego version is, but here’s something that’s definitely real — Scott Patterson is starting his own coffee brand. Unlike his character, the actor who played Luke in Gilmore Girls loves coffee, and he’s serious enough about it to start selling beans. News about the coffee brand came from […]

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    This Alarm Clock Will Make Your Coffee For You

    Someday, I hope to be as rich as Tommy Lee and have my own Starbucks in my house, but until then I still have to actually get up and go to the coffee shop like a gosh darn Jane Austen character to get my morning brew. Here’s a fitting compromise — a hybrid alarm clock/coffee maker […]

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    Starbucks is Going to Serve Nitro Cold Brew This Summer

    If you thought you were pretty hip and with it sipping on your nitro cold brew coffee, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Starbucks is taking the latest coffee trend mainstream this summer, as hipsters everywhere lament the success of yet another good thing. If you, like me, were not cool enough to know what […]

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    Chewable Coffee Wants To Replace Your Morning Cuppa

    Coffee for people who don’t like drinking coffee? In a world with Soylent, why not? Go Cubes take coffee — especially the caffeine — and condense it into chewable form for easier consumption. It’s solid, cold brew coffee for the solid, cold rationalist — Go Cubes might not be as pleasurable as sipping a hot […]

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    In This Future, Not Even Your Latte is Safe From Advertisements

    In the 18th century, philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz pondered the greater questions of life and came to the conclusion that our world was the best of all possible worlds. It is worth noting that von Leibniz did not live to see advertisements printed on the top of his lattes. Because all art […]

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    Check Out the Coffee Machine That Has 18 Preset Coffee Options!

    How much do you love coffee? How far would you be willing to go for the perfect cup? Philips is about to put your dedication to the test with their new mega-coffee maker to end all coffee makers—the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti. Look, when a coffee maker is first shown off the year before release as […]

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    Philips Senseo Viva Cafe Eco – the Coffee Maker Made From Recycled Electronics

    Philips has a history of big shows at the annual IFA trade show in Berlin, and this year’s been no different. Philips was busy promoting its EcoVision sustainability strategy – an ambitious project aimed at increasing energy efficiency and using more recycled products in their electronics goods. The Senseo Viva Cafe Eco is a step […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: Starbucks Card Mobile App Lets You Pay with Your Phone

    Starbucks has recently unveiled a brand new way to pay for coffee at their thousands (and thousands and thousands) of stores worldwide: via iPhone. With the new Starbucks Card Mobile App, customers can load their Starbucks Cards to their phones. Payments are made with special in-store scanners that read information right off of your phone. […]

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    Sony Ericsson Announces Mini-Boombox Radio Phones

    Sony Ericsson is bringing sexy back with two new phones set to be released Q2 and Q3 of 2008, the Sony Ericsson R3oo Radio and R306 Radio. The R300 will be available in two colors – Antique Copper and Steel Black. The more attractive of the two, the R306 (pictured above) , will be available […]