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    Cookie Monster Apple Ad Outtakes Give Us the Happy Ending We Deserved

    One of Apple’s latest ads has been a smash hit, as ads go — no, we’re not talking about Taylor. Not even Taylor Swift’s star shines brighter than the Cookie Monster, whose baking adventures with Siri are still all over TV right now. But it’s kind of a bummer! It’s a funny ad, but tinged with […]

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    Cookie Monster Teams Up With Siri to Bake Cookies (and Sell iPhones)

    Cookie Monster has a new friend in the kitchen. He’s decided to take it upon himself to bake a fresh batch, with (I’m sure) a lot of know-how plus a little help from Siri and his shiny new iPhone 6s, which I’m guessing isn’t going to be so shiny after being in that kitchen. Unfortunately, […]