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    Gear Up for Justice League (and Winter) With These DC Comics Jackets

    It’s getting chilly out, but more importantly, Justice League is a little over a week away — time to go jacket shopping! A handful of retailers are getting ready with new lines of jackets just for the movie’s release, and they’re worth a look! If you’re as excited for the second helping of Wonder Woman in 2017 (what […]

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    DC and Warner Bros are Rethinking Their Cinematic Universe

    DC and Warner Bros have been taken to task often for how they’ve gone about pushing the DC Extended Universe. It hasn’t helped that those movies, most notably Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, haven’t been all that great, but they’ve also been hit by criticism that they’ve tried to sell an interconnected film franchise without […]

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    The First Lego Justice League Give Us a Few Little Teasers Ahead of the Movie

    At this point, it’s practically tradition for Lego sets to reveal little secrets about major superhero movies before they hit theaters. That’s not exactly the case with these Justice League sets — thanks to an additional scene in the extended version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we already knew that Steppenwolf was going to be the main villain […]

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    The Villains Finally Appear in the Final Wonder Woman Trailer

    With Wonder Woman now less than a month away from hitting theaters, we were wondering when Warner Bros. and DC would finally put out another trailer — in an age of ceaseless promotion, it was a surprise to go a couple months between official trailers, even if there’s been a fair number of TV spots recently. The trailer […]

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    Dolph Lundgren Will Star as a Villain in the Aquaman Movie

    Nereus doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like Drago(ooooooooooo), but we’ll go with it. Dolph Lundgren, the professional movie villain of enduring Rocky IV fame, is officially in as King Nereus in the upcoming Aquaman. That brings the movie to two major Aquaman villains, so Jason Momoa is going to be busy. The dual-villain approach isn’t one we […]