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    Dell’s Cool and Comfortable Mixed Reality Headset is Available for Preorder Today

    IFA 2017 was big for Microsoft’s upcoming Mixed Reality platform. Arriving with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17, Windows Mixed Reality combines virtual reality with the internal tracking features Microsoft introduced on their HoloLens headset. That’s allowed for Mixed Reality headsets that don’t require external light towers to work — you can roam […]

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    The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 G7 Gaming Laptop Combines Performance Hardware with an Impressive Sound System

    Earlier this year at Computex in Taipei, we saw a paradigm shift in gaming laptops. Long known for being thick, heavy, and only technically portable, the gaming laptop got a conceptual overhaul thanks to Nvidia’s Max-Q design, which allows hardware makers to stuff performance gaming components into much thinner and lighter shells. We saw Acer […]

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    The Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor is a Creative’s Dream

    At CES earlier this year, Dell showed off an 8K monitor useful (arguably) to a very small subset of professionals. But, besides the resolution overkill, there was a lot to like about that monitor, especially its wide-gamut color reproduction. Dell’s getting a bit more down to earth today, introducing a similar 4K display that excels […]

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    The Dell XPS 27 is an All-In-One with Seriously Good Speakers

    Dell unveiled a brand new all-in-one PC this morning with the help of The Glitch Mob, in what may have been one of the earliest morning live electronic music performances ever. Band member Josh Mayer played a little bit of “Fortune Days” using the Dell XPS 27 as his musical instrument — he’ll have to get […]

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    Dell is Just Showing Off With This 32-Inch 8K Monitor

    At CES 2017 today, Dell had something useful to almost nobody. Their UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Monitor was built just because it was cool and Dell could do it — and hey, isn’t that what CES is all about? 8K resolution — 7680 x 4320 — is far beyond what most people need on a display. There’s even some […]

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    Dell’s 2-in-1 Version of XPS 13 Has Finally Arrived

    Last time we checked in with the Dell XPS 13, it was getting a rose gold edition. Well, now it’s getting in on one more trend — the 360-degree hinge. At CES 2017, Dell is debuting the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, a machine with similar specs to the XPS 13, plus a little extra flexibility. Being […]

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    The Dell XPS 13 Gets a Refresh and a Rose Gold Option

    For years now, the Dell XPS 13 has been one of our top choices in the traditional notebook market. It’s almost as lightweight as more underpowered 2-in-1s, but sacrifices nothing in terms of performance. There wasn’t much wrong with it, as far as we could tell, so it’s with pleasure, not disappointment, that we say […]

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    Dell Announces New Alienware 15 and 17 Gaming Laptops

    The gaming laptop wars are heating up, and while Acer definitely brought the inferno, Dell’s not doing too badly for themselves. They’re announcing their new Alienware 15 and 17 laptops at the PAX West gaming convention today, and sure enough, they promise to be VR-ready thanks to mobile version’s of Nvidia’s new 10-series GPUs. The […]

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    Dell’s New Latitude Series Gets a Designer Makeover

    For better or worse (or neither), Dell’s Latitude series of notebooks has always been the plain, boring line compared to the more designer look of the XPS line. That changes at CES 2016, as Dell is showing off the new Latitude 12 and Latitude 13 in their 7000 Series, a 2-in-1 device and a notebook, […]

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    Dell XPS 13 Finally Gets a Big Brother, the XPS 15

    For a few years now, the Dell XPS line has quietly impressed, giving us great notebooks and 2-in-1s in packages that were among the thinnest and lightest (if not top of the pack). That continues with Dell’s refreshed line of XPS devices, including the XPS 15, a machine both large and small in all the […]

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    Dell XPS 12 Takes On The Surface Pro

    Dell is releasing a brand new XPS 12 next month, but this is no hardware refresh. They’ve done away with easel hinge, creating a 2-in-1 more along the lines of what the Surface Pro offers, but with a 4k display that eclipses what the Surface Pro 4 has – even if we have our doubts […]

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    Dell’s Chromebook 13 is Designed for Businesses

    Up until today, Chromebooks have been largely known as cheap, student-friendly notebooks, either for individual students or as mass purchases for classrooms. Dell might change that with the new Chromebook 13, their first premium Chromebook directed at the business world. Dell has taken the familiar Chromebook formula — Chrome OS, mid-tier specs, and solid battery […]

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    Dell Gets Tough on Tablets With Their Latitude 12 Rugged

    It’s a little surprising, considering that tablets are the more mobile devices, but Dell built up their Rugged line with notebooks and 2-in-1s before finally building a rock-solid tablet in the new Latitude 12 Rugged. The tablet looks to be as technically proficient as it is tough — the 11.6″ HD display is combined with […]